Rep. Russ Carnahan Holds His Own on The Colbert Report

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Better Know a District - Missouri's 3rd or 1st - Russ Carnahan
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Representative Russ Carnahan of Missouri's Fightin' Third appeared went head-to-genetically-modified-head with Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" last night. Carnahan, who faces a tough primary against Wm. Lacy Clay on Tuesday, played straight man to Colbert's satirical blowhard persona, even as Colbert pushed him on the tough questions:
"Can I call you Rusty? Carnie? Rusty Trombone?" 
"Are you a genetically modified ear of corn in a suit running for Congress? Are you a congressman or are you a corn-gressman?" 
"It didn't shock you at all to find that the President was gay?"
"Have you ever done meth?"
Carnahan's opponent also stayed up last night to catch "The Colbert Report." Shortly after the interview aired on the East Coast, Clay tweeted: Small nitpick from a longtime member of the Colbert nation: Colbert's shtick is playing an over-the-top conservative pundit or political talking head, like Bill O'Reilly. A newscaster presents straight news bulletins. #comeonclay, get your analogies right.

Just before the show aired, Clay sent out another aggressive tweet, blasting Carnahan for appearing on "FunnyTV" while he was hard at work for his district. In this country spending an entire summer campaigning counts as "working for 1stCD"? Really? Also, is Clay making a Funny about "Comedy Central"? Which man doesn't have a sense of humor here

Carnahan is the first "patriot" from Missouri to appear in "Better Know a District" where Colbert sets out to interview representatives from each congressional district. 

At the end of the interview, after downing a BudLight and calling Carnahan a "lightweight", Colbert threw Missouri's District 1 up on the "Big Board." Carnahan, of course, represents District 3 right now. A tad presumptuous (and pretty optimistic?), Mr. Colbert. 
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