Rex Sinquefield: Victory for Prop. A Costs Him $8.67 Per Vote

Rex Sinquefield appreciates buying your vote.
Rex Sinquefield appreciates buying your vote.
Rex Sinquefield spent at least $11,218,000 of his own money to ensure the passage of Proposition A, the ballot initiative that will require St. Louis and Kansas City residents to vote every five years on whether to keep their cities' earning tax.

As reported earlier today, the vote was divided sharply between city and rural voters, with 1,293,282 Missourians voting in favor of the proposition compared to 597,031 voting against it.

Based on those results and the contributions he made to Prop. A., Sinquefield spent approximately $8.67 per vote.

Of course, for a man worth hundreds of millions, that's chump change. And, had he wanted, Sinquefield could've used that $11.2 million to purchase another 65 Bentleys -- but then that would have benefited only his home turf of Osage County.

See a list (below) of his contributions to Let Voter's Decide campaign committee.

Source: Missouri Ethics Commission

(Note: Two of the four campaign gifts of $500,000 made on January 19 appear to be duplicates, according to a campaign finance report. As does one of the $500,000 gifts made on October 20.)
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