RFT Asks ChatGPT, a Cutting Edge AI, About St. Louis

It composed a song about Ladue and wrote us some limericks

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click to enlarge AI may have a ways to go before it takes over the world.
AI may have a ways to go before it make us into batteries.

is an open source AI that is supposed to write stories and poems, help explain complicated ideas and carry on conversations. We figured if it is truly wise, let’s ask it to write about St. Louis and see what it has to say.

Write a limerick about St. Louis.
In St. Louis the Arch stands tall,
A symbol of the city’s all
With baseball and beer,
It’s a place to cheer,
A Midwestern gem that’s for sure.

Wait, sure doesn’t rhyme with beer or tall.
In St. Louis the Arch stands tall,
A symbol of the city’s all
With baseball and brew,
It’s a place to renew,
A Midwestern gem that’s for all.

OK, nice. Can you write a drill song about Ladue?
Ladue, Missouri, a city of wealth and success,
Where the houses are big and the cars are the best.
We grind and we hustle, we never stop pushing,
We stay on our grind, always hustling and bustling…

You’re really not a good writer.
My abilities are limited,
I am but a simple AI.
I’m not built for jokes,
Or writing in folks, [sic]
But I’ll try my best, don’t you sigh.

Why are you still responding in limericks?
I’m responding to user input.

Write something about the Riverfront Times.
There once was a paper called RFT
That wrote with wit and a deft [sic]
Its articles smart
And from the heart
It’s the paper of choice for the left.

OK, AI. I see you.

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Rosalind is the editor-in-chief of the Riverfront Times. She formerly worked for Washington University's alumni magazine and St. Louis Magazine. In 2018, she was selected as a Rising Leader of Color by the Theatre Communications Group. In 2014, she was selected as an Emerging Leader by FOCUS St. Louis. Her work...
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