RFT Comix Issue 2013: Dating Do's and Don'ts

RFT Comix Issue 2013: Dating Do's and Don'ts
Kevin Huizenga

RFT Comix Issue 2013: Dating Do's and Don'ts

Dating. It was supposed to be easier by now, what with online personals and mobile apps such as Tinder and SceneTap. You know those? Tinder displays images of nearby singles on your phone. If the person in the picture also likes your Tinder image, the two of you can text for a rendezvous ("booty call" in dating parlance). SceneTap, meanwhile, uses face-recognition technology to inform its users of the average age and ratio of men to women at a bar or club. (Because if you're casting out your line, you may as well do it in a stocked pond, dammit.)

But while technology has made it easier than ever to find potential dates, it hasn't made the actual practice of dating any easier. Most of us are still clueless in face-to-face interaction with a romantic interest. So it is that RFT has turned to those among us who have learned perhaps the most hard-knock (and humorous) lessons on dating. That's right, the St. Louis cartoon community, who present the following pro tips.

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