RFT Reader Gives Dan Savage of Piece of His Crazy Mind

Sep 2, 2009 at 2:45 pm
Syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage planted his foot firmly in his mouth last night when he appeared on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC show Countdown and proclaimed that the goal of right-wing Republicans and their fear-mongering talk of "death panels" is to cause the assassination of Barack Obama.

See for yourself:

Anyone who has ever read his column knows that the Savage Love scribe is no stranger to controversy (see Santorum, for perhaps his finest moment) but he wrote this morning on his hometown blog that speaking his mind on national TV prompted an impressive string of furious emails from his readers/viewers.

Leading the illiterate, hate-filled charge was a St. Louisan who professes to have a fiery relationship with Riverfront Times.

Quoted from a hilarious exchange of e-mails Savage posted on Slog:

From: [email protected] To: Dan Savage Sent: Tue, Sep 1, 2009 7:38 PM Subject: you are the savage love guy, small world 


There is a local paper in St. Louis, MO called the River Front Times. I use it to start my bar-b-que coals. And I sometimes read a section called the Savage love just to see what new levels of depravity you will stoop to. I was watching MSNBC fascist propaganda this evening and I saw you on there with Olberman that nasty little man. 

I got news for you, you can believe your own baloney but people are pissed off at the democrats and also the republicans. Your an idiot, if you can't fuck it you are not interested so I won't try and explain how Obama is a continuation of the progressive fascist movement of the early 20th century. Yes fascist you retard, fascism is a product of the left not the right. Nazis were what, "National SOCIALISTS" You dummies are talking about the protesters because you are afraid of them and rightly so. They are going to throw this government out of office one way or another. You don't understand people that will die for their principles because you hold nothing sacred. There a a lot of us that are not religious but we respect those nice people that you scorn. I wouldn't give a squirt of Olberman's leaking piss for anything thing you say or write. You are a nasty little man, a pathetic loser that makes his living talking about pac king fudge. Your disgusting.

Let's hope Savage inks that deal with HBO--that's the only way he can up the hate-mail ante at this point in his career.