RFT reader wishes the Cubs 100 more years of failure

Oct 1, 2008 at 4:00 am


May Your Tears Keep Falling

Here's to 100 more years of failure: Dear Cubs Fan: It has been a most joyous 100 years watching your tears fall, watching that tiny glimmer of hope dissolve into nothingness year after year, seeing the faces of disgust during the "Bartman" game, and even better, the faces of disbelief after the dual performance of epic proportions of one Kerry Wood and one Mark Pryor ["An Open Letter to the Cardinals (From a Cubs Fan)," Aimee Levitt]. We watched last year as the Chicago Cubs won exactly the same amount of games as the Chicago White Sox did in the playoffs. Season after season, the North Side Minor League Baseball Club team never ceases to amaze even the most hopeful fan such as yourself. As I clench my glass, you can hear the metallic "ting" as my World Series ring comes into contact with an ice-cold frosted beer mug. Please join me in a toast: "100 years gone by and 100 more years to come."
P.S. Cubs suck.
A White Sox Fan

Smug Cubs: What is this garbage? How many World Series have the Cardinals won since the Cubs have last even made it there? By my count, four. This sort of unbearable smugness is why the Cubs must never win it all.
Dean, via the Internet


Stands By Her Creep

Dump the freak: I was a close friend of Susan's and met Andrew Gladney in 2002 ["Fizzled Out," Kristen Hinman]. At the time, I knew that he was a controlling, drugged-out freak. It's sad and pathetic that he transformed a law-abiding woman from a highly educated family into a frightened, abused, drug-addicted bottom-dweller. I strongly believe that she suffers from Stockholm syndrome. Otherwise, how do you explain that she is standing by this creep? It just goes to show that insanity and drug addiction knows no boundaries when it comes to education level or social class. This reeks of meth addiction, not coke use.
Shocked, via the Internet


More Slaten Bashing

"Horse's ass" invoked: I don't know how I missed this article when it was originally published, but having just caught on to it, I thought I'd throw in my two cents ["Kevin Slaten's Head is About to Explode," Kristen Hinman]. His arrogance is unfounded, and he is very quick to call someone a moron or an idiot because they dare to disagree with him. I don't know how anyone can sit through more than five minutes of that kind of buffoonish negativity. He is a horse's ass. I agree with Bryan Burwell in that Slaten panders to the lowest common denominator, the type of people who slow down at a car crash, not to help, but to see if they can see anything grotesque. His devoted followers are probably the same people who are going to vote for John McCain because Sarah Palin is "hot." These are the people who look down on everyone with a different opinion or lifestyle, and when they go out to eat, they treat their servers like dogs — never looking them in the eye, and answering "ice tea" when asked, "How are you today?" This is the kind of person Slaten panders to.
Matt, St. Louis, via the Internet

CAFÉ, AUGUST 28, 2008

Unremarkable Review

Bartolino's ain't no Olive Garden: After reading your so-called review of Bartolino's Osteria, I thought it was important for me to tell you that your article was not only inaccurate, but also contradicting ["Seriously Old School," Ian Froeb]. Why would you admit in the beginning that you had never eaten at the original restaurant and, therefore, had no expectations, only to end with, "And while I walked into Bartolino's Osteria expecting a meal to live up to the surroundings..."? That does not make sense. While you have every right to publish your own opinion, your writing lacks creativity. Case in point: You use the word "unremarkable" twice. As a longtime patron of the Bartolino's family of restaurants, I can tell you that they have not been in business for 40 years for no reason. To compare one of their dishes to "hot-dog meat" is both untrue and disrespectful. You said yourself that "it's far closer to upscale restaurant than humble neighborhood joint." I don't believe that Bartolino's would ever dream of serving anything even close to hot-dog meat. And, although the photo next to your comical title doesn't show any of the restaurant at all, the atmosphere is far from "a spiffed-up Olive Garden."
Christina, St. Louis, via the Internet

Foul review: I have never read a restaurant review so inaccurate and disrespectful in my life. The entire tone of your review was negative and condescending. Like the previous commenter noted, there is a reason Bartolino's has been in business over 40 years. Maybe you should check your facts before publishing an article like this.
Lisa, St. Louis, via the Internet

Errata Our Best Coffeehouse item in last week's "Best of St. Louis" issue mistakenly identified Mississippi Mud House barista and coffee roaster Christopher Ruess as an owner of the establishment. Ruess owns the coffee roaster, not the coffeehouse, which belongs to its founders, Mike and Cyndee Saunchegraw. Additionally, we inadvertently omitted mention of Riverfront Times freelancer Jaime Lees in our list of writers who contributed to this year's "Best of St. Louis."