RFT readers abhor Peeping Toms, particularly the one in Dardenne Prairie, who they blame for the feud that's long divided a quiet neighborhood

RFT readers abhor Peeping Toms, particularly the one in Dardenne Prairie, who they blame for the feud that's long divided a quiet neighborhood

Mind your own beeswax: It is people like that, who don't mind their own business, that make good people snap ["Peeping Tom (and Jerry)," Keegan Hamilton]. In this day and age, where there are no jobs for honest people to make an honest wage, this man is taking it upon himself to make money at something he is good at so he can continue to have a home. Would this old man rather see him homeless? He's going to be the first person on that man's list to "be taken care of." People who think they are doing good by "watching" the neighborhood are just nosy and have nothing better to do with their time.
Shauna, St. Louis, via the Internet

Harassment, Mr. Peeping Tom, plain and simple: While it seems clear that Jerry Andres should not be running an auto repair shop from his home, it also seems clear to me that his neighbor is indeed harassing him — if in fact he's photographing any person that comes to the house. If Andres' children come to visit, does he photograph them as well?
Barbara, New York, via the Internet

Hey Peeps, the poor man's just trying to earn a living: Remember back in the day when people worked out of their garages? Not one person in the neighborhood said anything. This mechanic was the go-to guy when anyone in the neighborhood had an issue with his or her car. That was the good old days. Now our municipal councils have voted against working in a residential area for good reasons. I do understand that they do not want our streets to look like a ghetto. On the other hand, you and many others are just trying to make a living the best way you know how. With our economy the way it is today, finding a job is harder than ever. I know. I have been without a job since the fall of 2007. I understand you feel frustrated with your neighbor, too, and rightly so. All he is doing is trying to get your goat, and if I may say, he is pushing your buttons quite well.
Irma Littell-Edelen, St. Louis, via the Internet

Let's kick Peeping Tom's butt: The neighbor, Tom Fisher, needs a good ass-kicking. Here's a guy trying to stay off of any kind of welfare, and here's a neighbor who is a heartless idiot, a crybaby and a complaining fool.
Jim, Chicago, via the Internet

Get a life, Peeper pooper: I have a neighbor exactly like that grumpy old man. She calls the police on everyone — for everything. She has called on people paint-chipping on their house, on the grass being too long, on landscaping not to her standards, on fireworks for the Fourth of July, even though they are sparklers for the kids. People like that get what they deserve. People should get a life and not worry about their neighbors.
Steve, St. Peters, via the Internet

A sincere thanks to Missouri State Troopers: It is official now: The drug war is over, and there's no more marijuana left on Earth ["Missouri State Troopers Nab 3,700 Pounds of Marijuana," Chad Garrison]. Yes, thanks to the hard work of Jim Haggett and his F Troop, all the pot on Earth is just a thing of the past. We are all safe again, kids, so dad's going to relax. Hey, little Joey, pass daddy that bottle of vitamin juice in the glove compartment, and let's all go for a ride to celebrate!
Abe, via the Internet

Better to puff than huff: Wow, the law isn't on the books yet, and the Drug Enforcement Administration can't wait ["Federal Agents Raid Kansas Shop That Sells Fake Marijuana, K2," Chad Garrison]. That's a sign that the DEA is out of control. It's not even real cannabis. Isn't it time to direct our law enforcement toward violent activities and not laws to make us moral people? Personally, I would rather have a couple of puffs of cannabis at night instead of a couple of drinks. My wife thinks that staying away from the alcohol is better for me, and I agree. Legalize and regulate cannabis, and this stuff goes away.
TYC, via the Internet

Yeehaw! Yes, this is clearly illegal search and seizure by the DEA. They are not supposed to go confiscate this legal substance (for now) any more than they are supposed to confiscate moldy potatoes from people's refrigerators. This is typical cowboy government yeehaw gone awry at the expense of taxpayers.
Bob Dole, via the Internet

Summing up: The DEA and FDA can suck my pickle.
Anonymous, via the Internet

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