RFT readers have nostalgia for Northwest Plaza, hope for Larry Burgan and Doug Lindsay

RFT readers have nostalgia for Northwest Plaza, hope for Larry Burgan and Doug Lindsay

Its glory days are missed: We need another Wal-Mart like a hole in the head ["Mall Walkers Rally to Save Northwest Plaza," Aimee Levitt]. I would love to see Northwest Plaza rise again as one of the best malls in the country. When they made it an indoor shopping mall, I knew it was a big mistake. It lost the charm. I loved shopping there at Christmas, walking around outside and stopping in the stores to browse and make my purchases. They need to bring back that design; what we had there was special and beautiful. I think if they would make Northwest Plaza more like it was in its glory days, the people and stores would return.
Michael Lambert, via the Internet

Workers deserve compensation: I agree with Larry Burgan ["Video: Larry Burgan Claims Radioactive Waste Caused Health Problems in Venice, Illinois," Nick Lucchesi]. My husband was one of Larry's coworkers at the time when the Army Corps of Engineers was doing that cleanup. I believe that all those men and women should be compensated because they were not advised that they were working with hazardous materials.
Kim, via the Internet

Beware know-it-all physicians: Keep fighting, Doug Lindsay ["Is There a Doctor in the House?" Kristen Hinman]. I am completely impressed with your decision to make your own medical decisions. So many people think that doctors always know what is best, but what happens when they don't know what "it" is? I congratulate you on your efforts, and I hope for the best for you and your mother.
Nikita, St. Louis, via the Internet

Prayers for Doug: It amazes me how doctors are so quick to say something is mental because they can't figure it out. As if someone would choose to be in this condition. Good luck on finding someone to do your surgery; in this age of lawsuits, it's going to be a hard sell. Hopefully, someone comes up with a medicinal option. You will be in my prayers, son.
Pam, St. Louis, via the Internet

"Which of course is Latin for 'lip sweaters'": Thank you for your post ["American Mustache Institute Announces New Position on Beards. Unreal Announces New Position on American Mustache Institute," Unreal]. We have enjoyed a long-standing and strong relationship with the Riverfront Times pamphlet, and we are certain that the 12.3 readers of your blog will find great interest in your piece. However, we take great offense to certain comments contained within.

1. It is true. We have extended an olive branch to our brothers and sisters in facial hair.

2. While we do, in fact, often shave the taint area of the crotchital region — yes, Mustached Americans can grow hair in that region — we do it so that when we place our testicular region upon your head, you receive a smooth undercarriage dangling upon your furrowed brow. It is, in short, a service on our part, to you.

3. We are not "philistines." We are Greek gods for our long, luxurious, thick, rich, sumptuous and scrumptious labia sebuculas, which of course is Latin for "lip sweaters."

That said, we welcome your kind — the worthless Dave Navarro-appreciating, cat-loving, Communist-vegetarian kind that you clearly represent. And we hope that we can come to an understanding of our rationale for this change of policy, because your conclusion is far from it, as Mustached Americans fear no weather conditions since our lip garments protect us from cold, precipitation, douchebags and midgets.

Carry on.
Dr. Abraham Jonas Froman, CEO, American Mustache Institute

You son of a....: I am very disappointed in the cover of your December 31 issue. My seven-year-old picked up a copy, which was out in the open and free for all to see at a local restaurant. She saw the drawing of Santa Claus and wanted the paper. Only after asking me what the letters B-I-T-C-H spelled did I realize that the cover had that word on it. If you are going to put profanity on your newspaper, please do not display it out in the open where children can easily see it. I will be the one to decide when my child should be exposed to that type of language.
Shaynee Fogarty, via the Internet

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