RFT readers love Laurell K. Hamilton's vampire stories, Albert Pujols, and foodie trivia

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RFT readers love Laurell K. Hamilton's vampire stories, Albert Pujols, and foodie trivia


Vampire Love

Sex is only part of the kick: I enjoyed this article about Laurell K. Hamilton and found it to be very well written ["Mistress of Horror," Aimee Levitt]. Thank you for not focusing solely on Anita Blake's sex life! People who love the series (including me) do care about more than just that.
Theresa, Austin, Texas, via the Internet

Totally awesome: I love Laurell!!! Great author, fabulous lady, and an amazing imagination. It's so awesome to see her getting the respect and attention she deserves. Great article!
Bandanamama, via the Internet

Cringing in Nebraska: Wow, never heard of this author, but when I read the words "porn" and "torture" used to describe her first story she wrote as a teenager, it made me cringe. Sounds pretty sick. More readers nowadays have a voracious appetite for sex and violence. This overwhelming desire to feed the flesh and not the spirit ultimately leads to one's destruction. But how is one to know if the conscience has been seared?
Brandon, Omaha, via the Internet


Albert Deserved It

He had stats that mattered: I definitely take the MVP award very seriously, and I would've been bothered for decades if Ryan Howard had won this year over Albert (or Lance Berkman, Chipper Jones, Wright, Hanley or Manny Ramirez) ["Albert Pujols, Kevin Slaten, Ryan Ludwick and the '08 MVP," Aaron Schafer]. I've gotten over Howard's 2006 win over Albert. Howard did bat .313, and was one and two with Albert by most sabermetric measures. This year, though, it wasn't close: Albert was No. 1 or very high-ranking in most "traditional" stats, and absolutely demolished everybody in almost every sabermetric category. Yes, Howard beat Albert in HRs and RBIs, but among other "power" numbers he trailed Albert in slugging, total bases and extra-base hits. Furthermore, in the metrics, Howard was typically number twenty-something.

As for Howard's undeniably great September, that's what Player of the Month awards are for. The Phillies wouldn't even have needed those late-season heroics to overcome the Mets if Howard hadn't performed so poorly three other months of the season. I'm not a St. Louisan, so I don't have the hometown feeling for Ryan Howard like many of you, but I do basically like him and think he's a terrific player at times. I would have hated for Albert to lose out this year, making me always have to trot out arguments against Howard.
Nelson Brockabrella, via the Internet


Food for Thought

Musings on the best White House chef: Not to nitpick, but I think Henry Haller is probably the most famous White House chef, having served five presidents, from LBJ through Ronald Reagan ["Who's Going to be Obama's White House Chef?" Nick Lucchesi]. After retiring toward the end of the second Reagan administration, I recall Haller appearing in a series of interviews, where he discussed various presidential eating habits. Interesting stuff for a foodie.
H, via the Internet

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