RFT readers offer up decidedly mixed reviews of Scott Weiland's concert – and Alton

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RFT readers offer up decidedly mixed reviews of Weiland's concert – and Alton

A to Z, DECEMBER 18, 2008


Weiland wows: Well, everybody is entitled to their own thoughts, music and whatever ["Show Review: Scott Weiland, Eagles of Death Metal and Cold War Kids at the Pageant, December 17," Annie Zaleski]. Imagine if you were on the road, cold weather and whatnot. Maybe some of the members weren't feeling well. I know I saw the first three shows on this tour and they kicked ass; got the videos on YouTube to prove it. Check under www.youtube.com/lodijoyce. There was no disappointment at any shows I went to. The crowd was very energetic. Maybe it was the people and the venue where they performed that made them feel like they had nothing to play for. I know New York and New Jersey turned out to be great shows. Even in Boston — where the crowd wasn't that big — it had an energetic, awesome night. I've always learned the crowd has a big part in any live act. So there goes. I personally can't wait for them to come back to the East Coast.
Joyce Thomas, via the Internet

Not good enough to warrant 30 bucks: Joyce: Scott Weiland doesn't get an off night, because the tickets were $30. To some of us who frequent smaller shows, $30 is at least twice what we're used to paying. To all of us these days, money is scarce, and $30 isn't to be thrown away lightly. If Weiland's fans are going to spend that money on tickets to his show, instead of on food or rent, surely they're entitled to a decent performance.
Mike, via the Internet

Weiland blows: So I went to the show last night. As a musician, I understand the whole "being on the road" thing, but there was no excuse for last night. It was a pathetic attempt at entertainment, and that's being nice. You could tell Weiland was totally blown out of his mind. Don't get me wrong, do what you want to do, but make sure you can still perform, which is the whole point of it all, right? Either way, Disturbed was damn good, and I have a feeling Saliva will be damn amazing as well. So two out of three isn't so bad.
Nick, via the Internet



Blame the bar owners: As if the majority of these women are doing this of their own volition ["Alton Confidential," Chad Garrison]. If the men weren't there demanding it, they wouldn't do it. If they didn't get barked at, bar owners encouraging it, etc., it wouldn't happen. Even in this article, it states how the women were reluctant to show anything. I'm sure some women are all about it, but the majority — no way. Bar owners and managers know it's why people come to those bars and enjoy the profits. The women are making a few measly dollars. Don't blame the women, blame the bar owners for not just allowing this, but for encouraging it and profiting from it.
MK, St. Charles, via the Internet

Those crazy showoffs: Sorry, MK, but you're wrong about most of what you wrote. Nobody barks at them, especially the owners. Most of the time, nothing gets shown until the owner leaves. If they don't want to show anything, they just say no. Not that big a deal. And on a good day, they make a lot more than a few measly bucks. They don't generally stay very long anyway. It's just place to make a few bucks until they find something better. I remember one that worked in one for a couple of years while she finished law school and never showed anybody anything. Now she's an attorney, a damned fine-looking one. Helluva debater, too. On the other hand, there are/were those who were quite narcissistic about their exhibitionism, and just loved the attention. Some didn't even care if they didn't get any money. They just like to show off.
Ben There, via the Internet

Altogether kooky: Yep, that's my old hometown. The police play cops and robbers. It's a joke. Alton has a huge drug problem. Everything is cheap, including the value and quality of life. The prostitutes, drugs, felons, lingerie shops, payday loans, pawn shops, gambling. I have a son to raise, so I moved and never looked back. Even the cops don't live there. Wake up, somebody!!
Troy, Moro, Illinois, via the Internet

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