RFT readers prove that it's never the off-season in Cardinal Nation

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RFT readers prove that it's never the off-season in Cardinal Nation


Hot Stove Musing

Cardinal Nation never rests: I liked the questions and I hope that we were all excessively negative when talking about Chris Carpenter ["Blogger Roundtable: Who Will Take the Cardinal Fifth Starting Spot, What's John Mozeliak's Mission This Off-Season?," Aaron Schafer]. We pretty much agreed that Mo doesn't have to go nuts this off-season, but I wonder if the casual fan would agree with us. If something big doesn't happen, will there be rumblings in Cardinal Nation?
Cardinal70, via the Internet

High on Perez: I hope that the fifth spot in the rotation is occupied by someone that we don't have yet. It doesn't have to be a big name. A few people have mentioned Oliver Perez, whom I really like. A guy like Paul Byrd would be fine too as long as we don't have to pay him very much — or it's an incentive-laden contract.
Deaner, via the Internet

A to Z, October 14, 2008

Analyzing Jackson Browne

What defines cheesy?: First to the "Lawyers in Love" comment [Second Spin: Jackson Browne, "Hold Out," Keegan Hamilton]. Nobody can argue that that song may not approach "Late for the Sky" greatness, but if you don't get it, that's your narrow-focused mind. The tune is not to be taken at face value, like much of JB's work. Now, the reviewer is clearly somebody who either knows little about music or wants you to think he is current and hip, and therefore purposely callous about all music prior to 1998. "Of Missing Persons" isn't cheesy. Cheesy is Captain & Tennille. The song is about Lowell George from the band Little Feat. A good pal of Jackson's who died young and left a daughter, that Jackson sings the song to. Thus, evidence of your lack of musical knowledge. Believe it or not, JB doesn't give a rat's ass about being on TRL, so he writes about stuff that goes deeper than you are able. As for "I love you," it isn't that he simply says it; it's that he had never said it in a song until that very moment. "Boulevard," "Call it a Loan" and "Hold Out" — all classic music from a guy who, despite never riding the pop wave-of-the-day, has just released a stellar new record (No. 19) that made it to No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Put your pen down and start doing some research. You sound like a little boy crying about his meal. A filet mignon sits before him, but all he wants is his cold mac 'n' cheese.
Qdome, via the Internet

Sweet memories: You know, despite its dated sound, I'm still rather fond of "Lawyers in Love." I get flashbacks to when I was young, listening to JB with my dad. Along with JB, he introduced me to Leonard Cohen, Warren Zevon and Neil Diamond. And Keegan is hardly soggy Honey Nut Cheerios. He's more like Honey Bunches of Oats, no milk.
Jro, via the Internet


Loft Dwellers Get Bad Rap

We are not anti-homeless, Reverend Rice: I take offense at Mr. Rice's attempt to cast "loft dwellers" as anti-homeless ["Violent Attack at Homeless Shelter Has Critics on the Offensive," Chad Garrison]. The majority of downtown residents are lower middle-class renters, not rich "loft dwellers." As a longtime downtown (renting) resident, I can say without reservation that my problem is with lawlessness, crime, drug use, aggressive panhandling, pissing, defecating and trash, not homelessness. Homeless people are not by definition lawless, nor do most of them engage in any of the things listed above. Homeless does not mean indecent or criminal. For all the years I've been here, neighbors, business owners and other neighborhood churches have attempted to work with Mr. Rice to address the lawlessness people associated with his organization. Despite the millions of dollars in his coffers, he refuses to retain security, to help patrol and clean up around his facility. Don't let him define homeless as lawless or loft dweller as rich, uppity, anti-homeless atheists. Mr. Rice has his own agenda.
Bob, via the Internet

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