RFT readers reveal a genuine love-hate relationship with Kevin Slaten

Kevin Slaten


Kevin Slaten: Words of Love and Hate

Nasty note to the nasty man: Great story ["Kevin Slaten's Head is About to Explode," Kristen Hinman]! He is truly a piece of shit. When he has an unsupported article or opinion, he will simply talk over, yell at or cut off anyone who doesn't agree with him. The man is a self-involved jerk who is incapable of having a rational, intelligent debate. It's either his way or no way. I wish Steve Savard would beat him lifeless.
Mike, St. Louis, via the Internet

Simply put: Once a douche, always a douche.
Adam, St. Louis, via the Internet

CARRR-PAAAY DI-EM!: St. Louis should be thankful we have Kevin. He is the only one not afraid to tell it like it is. So what if he steps on someone's toes? I, for one, cannot wait until he is back on the air. The problem is people in this town want someone who will stroke them and tell them we will win every game. Then when we lose tell them it's OK, we'll get 'em tomorrow. Bryan Burwell doesn't like Kevin. We get it. I must say his show is great. Oh wait, he doesn't have one. He, like Bernie, wouldn't know objective journalism if it bit them in the balls. So carpe diem, and long live the king.
Gary, Springfield, Missouri, via the Internet

Don't disagree with Kevin: I used to love to listen to him and Bob Ramsey. Bob could rein him in a bit. When he went solo, I liked to listen until a caller disagreed with him. It just pissed me off to hear Slaten turn the guy down and then just talk over him. He had all the control on his show. Life isn't that way, and he's finding that out again.
Jim, St. Louis, via the Internet

Keep Slaten silent: Kevin Slaten is the most overrated, untalented sports personality St. Louis sports has ever known. The best thing that could happen is if he never had another radio, print or television opportunity and started chasing ambulances.
R.K. Johnson, Phoenix, Arizona, via the Internet

Warning to KSLG: If anyone from KSLG reads this, please pass it along to your "higher-ups": If Slaten is hired when he is available, I will no longer listen to your station. I am sure I'm not the only one.
Mike, St. Louis, via the Internet

But you can't deny his talent: Sure he can be an ass, but it's entertaining when an idiot calls in and Slaten tears him a new one. If you don't like him, I would suggest finding a new AM station because Slaten is too big of a talent for 1380 not to hire him.
Derek, St. Louis, via the Internet

Jesus weighs in: This guy's a Christian? Oh yeah, he's Jewish, because it's obvious he hasn't read or comprehended the New Testament. What a hypocrite.
Jesus, New York City, via the Internet

Scum of the earth: That guy is a scumbag, no-talent shock jock. The only reason people listen to him is because folks love to hate. The world is a better place without having to listen to that loudmouthed, do-anything-for-ratings slimeball.
Jacoby, Florissant, via the Internet

He's a standup guy: I have been a Kevin follower for many years. I am not a young woman, but I admire him for standing up for his belief of what he says. I listened to some of the jerks who have called his various shows, and they do not seem to know what they are talking about. I have always admired Kevin for telling people they are wrong when he thinks they don't know what they are talking about. I admire him for being a truly devoted father and raising his son at the expense of his career. Not many fathers would do that. I have always thought Kevin was a good person and have heard him present himself as such. He loved his parents and that makes him great in my book. I hope to hear him on the air again. That is where he belongs. Great job, Kevin!
Phyllis Stealey, House Springs, via the Internet

Keep 1380 rant-free: Kevin is a childish brat. It is nice to be able to listen to KFNS now, and I, along with many other people I talk to, will certainly stop listening to 1380 if he goes there. People don't want to hear a child rant on the air.
Randy, St. Charles, via the Internet

King of nothing: Overall, I can't help but find it amusing that so much attention is paid to Slaten in particular and to his "peer group," Bernie Miklasz, Tim McKernan, etc., in general. St. Louis is a shrinking market, and the radio percentage of that shrinking market owned by sports-talk is minor indeed. Whatever the differences among these personalities, they share one common trait: They just don't matter that much. "The King" is the king of a minor monarchy indeed.
Protzie, via the Internet

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