RFT readers reveal their own naked truths about Alton, Illinois

RFT readers reveal their own naked truths about Alton, Illinois


In For A Nipple

A boobie lover reflects: I've been a patron in those Alton bars for years, and yes, I've seen a fair amount of nudity ["Alton Confidential," Chad Garrison]. Sure, as a man, I sometimes enjoy a nice set of boobies with my beer. Most make me smile, and some have made me have to force a smile. One line I remember from some drunken dude was, "Damn! Looks like golf balls hanging in a sock!" Of course, the bartender didn't appreciate that very much. But what kills me is that some people actually go to these places, knowing what goes on there, just so they can see it. Then they go snitching to the authorities. With all of the murderers, crack- heads and car thieves running around Alton, the police aren't really interested in fighting the evil threat to society that bare mammary glands cause. Used to be, the only girls who worked in these places were former strippers from the east side. Battle-hardened, drug-addicted hooker types whom no one else would employ. It was hard to feel sorry for them. But nowadays, I'm seeing something different. I'm seeing young single mothers, freshly divorced, who normally wouldn't be caught dead in these types of places. I'm seeing young single women who don't make near as much money on their day jobs, so they have to moonlight just to feed their kids.
Ben There, Alton, via the Internet

Beauty amid the beasts: I am an Alton-area native. I went to the Pub Room about a week before the shit went down in September. After viewing a horrible excuse for a vagina from the skanky bar maid, she got pissed and called me uppity when I requested to not drink from their glasses. This article needed to be written. Alton has many shortcomings, and many natives — including myself — find humor in them. The city is beautiful in its own right and has many great establishments that are trying to better the city. I encourage people to check out the many hidden treasures Alton has to offer.
Travis, via the Internet

Damn, we forgot to visit the churches: I'm not sure why there's an issue about women showing their tits. Besides dive bars, there are plenty of churches you hypocrites can frequent. While I do live in Alton, I am not a fan of the city. I also realize that cigarette smoking and amusement devices can be found all over the area, and not just at the Pub Room. And the reason for Mr. Garrison to hone in on bars in Alton is beyond me.
John Olson, Alton, via the Internet


Street Talk

Let Delmar stay Delmar: Delmar is a historic name, and then to change it to some corrupt Chicago politician's name, who may or may not change our country, is bullshit ["Green Light for Obama Boulevard," Ellis E. Conklin]. Let's wait until he does something other than make speeches and say what he will do, and see if he does it before we dedicate a street to him. Let's not get too hasty, St. Louis. This isn't Dr. King we are talking about. This is about as stupid as naming the highway after Mark McGwire.
Travis, via the Internet

Bad idea: I voted for Barack Obama, but I think Barack Obama Boulevard is a bad idea. What is it with this city and county? Why do we keep naming our streets for people who aren't even from here, like Rosa Parks and Mark Mc­Gwire? Chicago should name a street for Obama, and we should wait until a St. Louisan becomes president before we do it.
Linda P., via the Internet


For the Love of Loehr

A wonderful tribute: I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading your story on Kenny Loehr ["And the Fighter Still Remains," Kristen Hinman]. I've known Kenny, and Rose — what a wonderful woman as well — for about 25 years, and you were able to capture his character perfectly. (Yes, he's even called me "creep" sometimes). I have also enjoyed a number of Busch beers with him over the years. Kenny is one of the most genuine people I know, and he would give his last dollar to a stranger if he thought the stranger needed it more than him. He has touched so many lives (not only in the boxing gym) that I'm sure many of your readers had tears in their eyes as they turned the pages. Thank you for paying tribute to such a great person.
Jeff Comotto, St. Louis, via the Internet

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