RFT Readers Show Their Bunny Love

Apparently not everyone likes to eat rabbits.

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Feature, April 19, 2007

Put a Cork in It

Blasts from the past: Regarding Kristen Hinman's Kristen Hinman's "Château Podunk": Patricia Wamhoff and Robert Kabel were not the sole sommeliers in St. Louis in 1993. I was the sommelier at Chez Louis and the Saint Louis Club, and in 1988 was the wine steward at Fedora Café. In fact, I received my Court of Master Sommeliers Certification before Patricia Wamhoff, who only held a Canadian Sommelier Certification at that time.

Additionally, Philippe Nusswitz, who was arguably the most accredited sommelier in St. Louis ever, was at Chez Louis in the mid 1980s. He was brought here by Morton Meyer from France where, at 23, he had won major international sommelier competitions. He has written books and owned restaurants in New York City in the late 1980s.
John Sears, sommelier, Mihalis Chophouse

Keep It Down, April 19, 2007

Bunny Hungry

Gut check no. 1: That was a disgusting story by Malcolm Gay. I can't believe an editor allowed that to be published. It turned my stomach. What a waste of space.
Beth Harris, St. Louis

Gut check no. 2: In my opinion, this article went too far. You just ruined one of my favorite columns, and I honestly don't know if I will read anything by this writer ever again. Perhaps a warning should be added to indicate the cruel and graphic content.
Kirsten Parriott, Belleville, Illinois

Unreal, April 12, 2007

Spyke It

Booze biz bites: Regarding Unreal's "Tykes and Spykes" editorial: I realize the intent may have been tongue-in-cheek, but the alcohol industry's strategy is not. The marketing of Spykes appears to be a desperate effort to replace the number of people who die every year from alcohol-related health issues, accidents and motor-vehicle crashes with new underage drinkers referred to as "tykes" in the editorial.

You don't have to be a genius to realize that the development of fruit-flavored Spykes in fingernail polish-size bottles is a way to entice kids to drink and encourage them to sneak alcohol into an event such as their prom.

Does the industry really believe that both youth and adults are too naive to realize that Spykes are just another way to increase their profits at the expense of youth and their families? In terms of the theme of "responsibility," maybe it's time for the industry to practice what they preach.
Ginny Shaller, St. Louis

Feature, March 1, 2007

¡Hasta La Vista!

Edgar to mayor: Wisen up! Tell this idiot that Puerto Ricans have more rights in this country than his white family who came on a boat from Europe [Kristen Hinman, "Valley Park to Mexicans: ¡Hasta La Vista, Baby!"]. Puerto Rico was annexed by the United States! I'm proud of the USA; I'm also retired from the military. So this dirtbag needs to get over it.

You know, the more white America treats us like crap, I show my five children, and my five children show their fifty friends how you treat us! I feel sorry for Caucasians in the future. My kids don't forget, and trust me, the future is here. We will dominate this land, and just like the white generic males treat us so shall my children treat your future minority children! So wisen up before you go the way of the tiger-tooth cat!
Edgar Diaz, Allentown, Pennsylvania

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