RFT readers show their deep admiration for skunks.

Apr 9, 2008 at 4:00 am

NEWS SHORT, March 27, 2008

Turn the Cesspool Green

It's the right thing to do: Chad Garrison wrote in "Green Teams" that the Cardinals are scrambling to join the ranks of the environmentally conscious. If so, they left out the pit they call Ballpark Village. I work downtown and go past this "quarry" every workday. It's an embarrassment to try to explain to visitors why this choice piece of real estate has been forgotten. You can tell opening day is coming because there is one pump trying to empty this sludge pond. Hey Abernathy! Where's the green spirit? Idea: Why not plant greenery around this cesspool? You could ask another volunteer group to help. After all, it's just the right thing to do.
Bill England, St. Louis

UNREAL, MARCH 27, 2008

Who'd a thunk how many RFT readers love skunk?

Having a pet of choice should be the American Way! When someone is not a responsible owner of their animal, consequences should fall hard. But for those of us who love our "different" choices of pets that ARE RESPONSIBLE, we lose our freedom due to ignorance. I hope your fight continues to have the pet of your choice!! Go Dom!!!

Cute, loving, empathetic, loving, funny, loving, hard-headed, loving, affectionate, loving, determined, loving and SUPER INTELLIGENT. And did I mention loving? If a comparison MUST BE made, domestic pet skunks are more like children than any animal. They go through every single phase that our skin kids do from birth to about twenty years, but a skunk does it in a year! I've had countless different types of pets in my lifetime — fur, fins, feathers and scales — and NOTHING compares with the wonder and joy of sharing your home, your life and your heart with a domestic skunk!!! GO DOM, GO!!! Let's get Penelope HOME where she belongs!!!
Shelor Brumbeloe

How ridiculous that skunks should be banned in any state. They make wonderful pets. My friend liked hers so much that she adopted two others! They even have skunk shows like they do dog shows in or near Tampa, Florida, that she shows her skunks in.

This is America — Land of the Free — right? What harm would it do for someone to have a pet skunk — to enjoy having an animal of their choice? These are not dangerous animals to be feared. You go Dom — keep up the good fight.

Domestic skunks are more than just pets. They are part of the family. They are cute, loving and sometimes ornery, just like any small child. We have six of them running around our house and love every one of them. They each have their own personality. Our skunks range in age from about eleven months to almost six years of age.

What the hell else will be banned? When did the USA become the place for bans and prohibitions anyway? What happened to the land of the free?

Skunks are the cutest animals! I watched a really cool video about them, and I would love to have one, too! Here's hoping that freedom to own a skunk is soon a restored freedom to we Americans. When I was a little girl, you could have ANY animal! What's with all these draconian laws against enjoying life with animals?
Diane Amble