RFT Reviews the Week: January 16 to January 22, 2023

Widening I-70, five detainees jailbreak and get caught, and Bob Kramer’s Marionettes burns

Jan 23, 2023 at 12:59 pm
click to enlarge Neighbors and fans have left flowers and signs at the site of the fire in support of Bob Kramer and Dug Feltch. It's feared that Kramer died in the fire. - ROSALIND EARLY
Neighbors and fans have left flowers and signs at the site of the fire in support of Bob Kramer and Dug Feltch. It's feared that Kramer died in the fire.

St. Louis sees three different homicides in a span of three hours. KMOV reports that the third, at Gravois and Russell, involved a masked man walking into a gas station and blowing away a customer. Brand-new Police Chief Robert Tracy has his hands full.

TUESDAY JANUARY 17 Vivek Malik becomes the first person of color to hold statewide office in Missouri. The Wildwood-based immigration attorney (and “strong capitalist,” per Governor Mike Parson) has now taken the reins as state treasurer. Also: Longtime P-D gossip columnist Joe Holleman has a new gig. He’ll write a column called “Joe’s Political Fix,” which will presumably serve as an outlet for Jane Dueker’s latest unsubstantiated gossip about local progressives — so, pretty much just what Holleman was doing before, only with fewer stories about TV reporters ankling their way to bigger markets. (Did we do that right?)

It’s raining, it’s pouring! Bad day to be on the lam, yet that’s the status of five detainees from St. Francois County, three of whom are sexual predators. The Post-Dispatch reports that the quintet made a successful jailbreak the night before. Also: Governor Parson delivers his State of the State. He has big ideas — like widening I-70. OK, that’s it. That’s his big idea. What did you expect, the Great Society?

THURSDAY, JANUARY 19 Yet another school district eyes a four-day week — this one in Arnold. Begun in rural districts, this trend is now getting closer and closer to civilization (or what passes for it in Missouri). When will we decide enough is enough and demand better teacher salaries?

FRIDAY, JANUARY 20 Former President of the Board of Aldermen Tom Villa has died, and finally there’s something to bring St. Louis progressives and old-school Democrats together: Everybody apparently loved the guy. Villa was also House Majority Leader, back when Democrats could do that sort of thing in Missouri. Also: as of this morning, all five offenders from St. Francois County are back in jail. The sheriff’s office found the fifth guy after he stopped by a local bar and ordered only water. Witnesses felt he was behaving “rather strangely,” the sheriff reports. Next time, order whiskey.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 21 A fire broke out Friday at Bob Kramer’s Marionettes in the Central West End, and this morning, firefighters found a body in the rubble, apparently dead of smoke inhalation. There are no words.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 22 A terrible mass shooting in the Los Angeles suburb of Monterey Park claims 10 lives at a Lunar New Year celebration — the worst mass shooting since Uvalde. In St. Louis, the beat goes on: lines at Webster’s hot new bagel place stretch for two hours.

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