RFT Softball: It's Tough to Lose this Badly, But We're Up for the Challenge

Aug 19, 2008 at 4:29 pm

Winning is never easy, the old cliché goes, but losing 22-2 in seven innings of softball is usually a pretty difficult accomplishment as well. It wasn't last night. The RFT softball team took it on the chin (and the back, and the hip, and the…you get the point) and made losing look easy against BS Bar and Grill at Lions Club Park on Woodson Road.

The setting sun and cold beer made for a perfect atmosphere in which one loud team could really care and the other team could be just happy to be there.

There were highlights:

AP Photo

*A metallic triple off the bat of Tom "The Boss" Finkel in the bottom of the seventh reminiscent of what "Mighty Casey" might have done, followed by the dramatic awarding of one extra base that resulted from an overthrow prompted by Finkel starting toward home -- which, even he acknowledged afterward would have been a mistake because third-base coach Tom "Socks" Kavanaugh was yelling "Stop!" even as 90 percent of the RFT squad was yelling "Go Home!"

*Chad Garrison trotting home ahead of Finkel to account for the first of RFT's lonely pair of runs.

*Keegan Hamilton's fierce play at shortstop, not unlike Charlie Sheen’s Wild Thing in Major League, accounting for at least half the outs RFT recorded in the field.

So those were highlights.

Lowlights included enough errors and non-hits to get the RFT executed if we played for China. (If only Unreal could have had someone stand in for us at the plate, à la the lip-synching little girl in the Olympics' opening ceremonies.)

Despite the lopsided result, the commanding mound presence of RFT hurler Kevin "K.P." Powers kept more than a few balls on the dirt instead of in the air. Unfortunately, it didn’t make any difference defensively. Nor did the solid center-field play of the aforementioned Kavanaugh disappoint.

Napoleon Bonaparte once allegedly said: "Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily."

But he also supposedly said: "Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets."

Watch out now.

- Unreal