Rick Ankiel Needs a New Name -- No Foolin'

click to enlarge Rick Ankiel Needs a New Name -- No Foolin'
There's a fun little poll going on over at the Riverfront Times' sports blog, The Rundown.

It seems that Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel is unhappy with his name. It's true. Last week Ankiel told the Post-Dispatch's Derrick Goold that he's been thinking lately about changing his moniker.

Per Goold's article: Ankiel has been preoccupied recently about when it is age appropriate for him to shorten his given name, Richard, to "Dick" instead of "Rick." Some friends and clubhouse denizens have already taken to calling him "Dick" this spring. He calls it an instant "ice-breaker."

Dick? Really? I mean nothing is wrong with that name, per se. But isn't it just so 1950s' ordinary? You know, in that "Tom-Dick-and-Harry" kind of way? Doesn't Ankiel deserve a grander title?

Unreal thinks so, which is why we've come up with a list of five possible nicknames for Ankiel. Which do you like?

One vote per reader, please. But don't hesitate to write in a suggestion and leave it via the Comments thread. We'll close voting and announce the winning nickname a week from today, when we conduct another Cardinals nickname poll.

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