R.I.P. I.E. Millstone

Jun 3, 2009 at 9:25 am
The local daily reports that the Missouri Water Patrol at last recovered the body of I.E. Millstone yesterday.

Last year, RFT named Millstone its first-ever "Best Geezer" in the annual Best Of issue. Below, that entry:

I.E. Millstone built Pruitt-Igoe and outlived it. He built Busch Stadium II, yet that landmark, too, beat him to the grave. Millstone also built the original Highway 40, and his construction company, now called Millstone-Bangert, is rebuilding the roadway. Will he live to see the end of its reconstruction? He damn well could. He's already 101. Not to mention sharp, spry and spiffy! Millstone still goes into his Clayton office every weekday, making time for lunch at the St. Louis Club and, come evening, for the ever-grateful charity circuit. A self-made man (he founded his biz at age 22), Millstone has bestowed his fortune and good name upon numerous institutions around town, from Washington University to the Jewish Community Center to Dance St. Louis. He's also well known overseas, especially in Israel, where he planned and built postwar housing settlements. "In 2003 I was in Israel, on a tour bus going to Tel Aviv," recounts KMOX broadcaster Charlie Brennan, "and I met an Israeli guy who asks where I'm from. When I say St. Louis, he wants to know if I've ever met I.E. Millstone. I say I'd heard of him. This guy says, 'Well, here in Israel, we credit him with teaching us how to turn sand into cement.'" A tip of the RFT cap to you, Mr. Millstone. Here's to another year....

R.I.P. Mr. Millstone.

R.I.P. I.E. Millstone
Washington University in St. Louis