Rockwood School District Goes Fully Online, Parents Lose Their Damn Minds in Facebook Thread

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The Rockwood School District made a post on Facebook yesterday announcing that the district will be starting the school year fully online.

Rockwood had planned to do a “hybrid” learning experience until recently (with kids only coming into school a couple of days a week and the rest of the teaching being done virtually), but input from health officials combined with scheduling challenges changed the situation.

Being one of the last districts in the area to go all online, Rockwood parents held on to hope that a survey they filled out with their preference of teaching style and their constant online bullying of the school district would be enough to make them decide to keep the hybrid model, but in the end, the district decided to take the more cautious route to protect the health of both students and teachers.

Dr. Mark Miles, Superintendent of Rockwood School District:

“We realize this change will be a disappointment for families who chose the in-person experience. I am disappointed as well. Rockwood staff spent countless hours trying to find a safe way to bring our students back to the classroom to start the school year. I encourage parents to reassure their children as they share this news. Let them know that we all want the same thing. We want this historic pandemic behind us. We want our schools to be open and activities to resume. We look forward to the day when we can all be together again, safe within the walls of our neighborhood schools.”

In the thread containing this announcement on Facebook, Rockwood parents promptly lost their damn minds. Like, wow. To be fair, it wasn’t all parents who were acting like petulant children in the thread. Lots of other people (you know, those people with American flags as profile pictures) showed up to give their opinions, too.

A major theme here was that the National Education Association is all-powerful and that teachers decided that they didn’t want to teach this year because they’re too lazy. One guy even accused teachers of taking a paid vacation this year. Bros, talk to a teacher. Any teacher. The last thing they want is to try to teach your kid remotely, but that’s the situation we’re in now. And the decision is up to the school board, not the teachers.

Read through for a sample of the outrage in this thread:

And if you were had "media conspiracy" on your pandemic response bingo card, just scroll down.

Well, one thing is clear. If their parents had to teach them, some Rockwood students would be S.O.L. Good luck this year, teachers.

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