Santa Wants to Know: Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Week of December 17, 2003

Editor's note: A correction ran concerning this story; see end of article.

Ken Barnett
Potter, Mississippi Mud Pottery -- Alton, Illinois
"It's all relative, naughty and nice. I might think it was nice and my wife might think it was naughty. But it doesn't really matter in today's society, because it seems we can get away with just about anything, from the top on down."

Jennifer Derr
Waitress, Laclede Street Bar & Grill

"I'm a little of both. Like sometimes I speed but then I'll come to a four-way stop and let the other drivers go first. I'd say I'm pretty much a good girl -- my nice definitely outweighs my naughty -- so I have to believe that there'll be tons of presents under my tree."

Tee Sonethongkham
Driver, Laclede Cab
"Oh, I've been bad! That may shock a lot of people. I'm a risk-taker. I live life on the edge and nice guys usually don't last too long living that way."

Angi Mays
Server, People's Coffee at the Commonspace
"Naughty, definitely. I'm not too worried as far as Santa is concerned -- it's the elves. Santa's just the CEO and I'm not too much for corporate types."

Steve Cox
Line Cook, J. Buck's
"For the most part, I was nice this year. If I've been 'naughty' in any sense of the word it's because I get people to do the naughty things I need done. Pranks on co-employees, for example, where I'll come up with the idea for the prank and somebody else will execute it. And I have been known to spark rumors to see how people play off one another. I really can't go into detail without seriously incriminating myself."

Phil Marsh
Bail Enforcement Agent, Metropolitan Special Services
"I've been naughty because I do things I shouldn't do, like sleepin' with another lady besides my girlfriend -- that's being real naughty. I try to be nice, but I can't. It's too hard."

Correction published 12/24/03:
In the original version of this story, we inadvertently -- and unfortunately -- flip-flopped two photos. The above version reflects the correction.

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