SBNation St. Louis Launches

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Hey, sports fans! As of yesterday, you officially have a new online destination where you can fritter away your working hours. SBNation, a national community of sports blogs, launched its St. Louis site Tuesday, a one-stop repository of news and opinions -- for what value is a conversation about sports without a few strongly-worded opinions? -- about the Cards, Rams and Blues. (A Mizzou Tigers blog has also been promised, but has yet to go live.)

The Cards blog, Viva El Birdos, may be familiar to those who keep up with the list of Blogs Unreal Likes to Waste Time On at the right side of this page.

The SBNation St. Louis site currently sports the Onion-esque headline, "Saint Louis Continues to Enjoy Sports, Alcohol," which links to a passionate defense of World Cup fandom by blogger Alex Fritz, who introduces himself as "the annoying jerk who will actually write about soccer here." (Further points to Fritz by proposing the slogan "Come walk like an asshole!" for Tower Grove Market.)

SBNation began its slow march across the U.S. June 6 in Chicago (home of the Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks!) and plans to conquer 20 cities before the end of the month, including major markets like New York and LA and smaller towns with devout fans like Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

(A sidenote: Should St. Louis feel slighted that Kansas City got its SBNation site a day before we did?)

The company actually launched six years ago when a former newspaper reporter named Tyler Bleszinski, frustrated with the way mainstream media was covering his beloved A's, started a blog called Athletics Nation. The sports empire phase of its history began earlier this year when the SBNation, now based in DC, teamed up with a group of venture capitalists.

By the end of the month, SBNation will encompass 249 blogs written by more than 300 writers, most of whom still have day jobs, and many, many comments by citizen-journalists, most of whom will, with any luck, still have day jobs.

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