Schnucks' New Self-Checkout Policy Notches Its First Arrest

While we can all agree the rule change is infuriating, there's no need to get guns involved

Feb 14, 2024 at 11:40 am
From the bucolic exterior, you'd have no idea of the turmoil within.
From the bucolic exterior, you'd have no idea of the turmoil within. ZACHARY LINHARES
Schnucks' infuriating new self-checkout policy has notched its first arrest this week, with a man being taken into custody after allegedly flashing a gun at a store employee.

KMOV reports that a man named Jessie Lee Garrett was attempting to go through the self-checkout line at the University City Schnucks on Monday when he was stopped by an employee for allegedly having more than 10 items in his cart, which is verboten under the new policy the stores rolled out early this month.

The employee attempted to direct Garrett to the full-service lane, but the apparently irate man was not having it and, according to court documents, responded by pulling up his shirt to reveal a gun that was tucked into his pants.

Police showed up at the store shortly thereafter and placed Garrett under arrest. They found no weapon upon a search of Garrett's body, and under questioning Garrett denied having a firearm. But an officer soon found a loaded gun tucked behind a box of candy on one of the store's shelves, whereupon Garrett allegedly admitted he'd hidden it in an attempt to avoid arrest. As a convicted felon, Garrett is prohibited from possessing a gun and was taken into custody.

It's the first arrest stemming from Schnucks' new self-checkout policy, which has proven to be wildly unpopular since it was announced on February 1. Angry shoppers have complained loudly about long wait times in checkout lines snaking to the back of the store in the weeks since its implementation, even as the self-checkout area sits empty.

This being St. Louis, it's not terribly surprising that said anger has translated into the brandishing of a weapon in the span of less than two weeks. But while can agree that the policy is maddening, it's really not so serious that we need to be terrorizing the stores' poor employees with firearms — and it's definitely not worth catching a felony case over.

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