Sethe Gabel Could Probably Kick Your Ass at Angry Birds

Sethe Gabel, 4
Star Clipper, University City

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Hi there. That is a fetching shade of green you're wearing! Is that related to Star Trek? Angry Birds!

What brings you out the Loop this fine afternoon?
Angry Birds! Uh, hey. You get them down?

Do you have a favorite Angry Bird? Uh, yeah.

Which one? A red one. He's too high up. You get them down.

Understandably, you tire of the paparazzi. I'll speak to your P.A., also known as Dad, also known as Mike Gabel. You fellas having fun? My brother-in-law is visiting, and we took the Metrolink from Illinois. He doesn't get that much opportunity to run on a train.

How is Sethe at the game Angry Birds? Frighteningly good. Better than I am. I'm surprised he hasn't asked for my phone yet.

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