Seven St. Louis Guys and Gals You've Probably Dated

Feb 13, 2014 at 4:00 am
Seven St. Louis Guys and Gals You've Probably Dated
Wardell Brown

You want love right here, right now, but the search for it can be disheartening. So in the name of Valentine's Day, service journalism and borderline offensive stereotyping, the love geniuses at Riverfront Times have narrowed the crop of local singles down to fourteen kinds of guys and girls you're bound to encounter in the sometimes insular, always interesting St. Louis dating scene. Whether you're looking for Mr. Urbanist or Ms. Old Money, we know where to find your ideal mate, and we've got advice about who pairs best with whom. Maybe you've dated some of these guys and gals already. Hell, maybe you are one of these guys or gals. Or perhaps you're happily hitched, having somehow survived it all. If that's the case, squeeze your honey, read on and be glad you made it out of the murky depths of the dating pool.

See "Seven St. Louis Guys You've Probably Dated"

See "Seven St. Louis Gals You've Probably Dated"