So, What To Call the Big 12 Now?

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Of the legions of stories this month on the shake-up of the Big 12, I've yet to come across one article discussing what the athletic conference will be called now that it consists of just ten teams.

Sure, I suppose the conference could keep the name Big 12. After all, the Big Ten kept its moniker after adding Penn State in the early '90s to become an eleven-team conference. But now with the Big Ten having twelve schools and the Big 12 having ten schools, it's just too damn confusing. Someone -- says I -- needs to change their name.

The following is my list of suggestions. I invite you to leave yours in the comment section below.

1. Since University of Texas is widely hailed as saving the Big 12 by agreeing not to go to the PAC-10 (or is it now the PAC-12?), perhaps we should name the conference in honor of the Lone Star State's biggest school? That's right. I'm thinking the Don't Mess with Texas Conference.

2. Don't like that one? How 'bout renaming the Big 12 the Big 10/12ths, or as my middle-school math teacher would insist the Big 5/6ths?

3. No? Okay how about the And Then There Were Ten Conference? That has a nice mysterious ring to it.

Still, no? Okay, let's hear your ideas. 

Oh, and apropos of nothing: I came across this website while searching artwork for this post. Scroll to the end. Pretty damn funny. 
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