Someone Accidentally Dropped $6,200 at a North County Goodwill

Sep 1, 2017 at 9:34 am
Money, money, money!
Brittany Walker, an associate at the Florissant Square Goodwill (472 N. Lindbergh, Florissant), was sorting through donations on Sunday when she came across an unusual stash — $6,200.

And unlike many of us facing a tempting pile of cash like that, Walker did the right thing: She turned in the money. Now Goodwill is seeking what it believes was an unintended donor.

The nonprofit is not releasing details about where exactly the money was found. (Undoubtedly, they're holding back clues that only the rightful owner would know.)

However, they note that the money was likely part of a donation made on Friday, August 25 at the Bridgeton Mills Outlet location at 5665 St. Louis Mills Boulevard. They're hoping the donor will come forward.
“As we’ve been down this road before, accidental donations happen at times in our locations, and we always want to do right by our donors and either thank them or right a possible accidental drop off,” said David Kutchback, President and CEO of MERS Goodwill. “We are thankful to our team member Brittany, who has been with the agency for nearly a year, for finding and turning the money over to our management team quickly for further investigation. We hope we find the donor soon.”
If you think the money is yours, you're advised to call Goodwill at 314-982-8802. After 30 days, the cash will go to fund MERS Goodwill programs.

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