Southwest Moves 7,000 Pieces of Luggage in St. Louis to a 'Secure' Warehouse

The carrier is working to reunite people with their baggage, but there's a huge backlog

Dec 29, 2022 at 3:50 pm
The Great Southwest Airlines Meltdown of 2022 continues with 2,300 more flights canceled today. The discount carrier says its schedule will be back to something resembling normal tomorrow, but we’ll believe it when we see it.

Southwest canceled thousands of flights during peak holiday travel in the past week, leaving travelers stuck far from their destinations all across the country. Travelers in and out of St. Louis were hard hit by the cascading cancellations. Many people were stuck in St. Louis when it wasn’t even their departure or destination city.

Some people did (eventually) get to where they were intending to go, but thousands had checked luggage that didn’t meet them there. In the cancellation chaos, bags were shuffled around, rerouted and misplaced — leaving thousands without their clothes, medications or Christmas presents.

To further complicate things, a burst water pipe in the baggage claim area at Lambert earlier this week caused an even worse backlog of bag returns.

Southwest Airlines staff told KSDK that Lambert Airport had 10,000 unclaimed bags yesterday, with 7,000 of them now being stored at a "'secure' cargo warehouse." The bags are separated into two groups: one group for people whose final destination was St. Louis and a second group comprised of bags that belong to people who had final destinations elsewhere. KSDK reports people stood in line for hours today to be reunited with their bags.

Southwest says if your bag is lost your first stop should be, where you can fill out a "Baggage Report" with the airline to get the reunion process started.

May the odds be in your favor, Southwest flyers.

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