Soy Bomb! Bean Growers Endorse Jay Nixon

Jun 20, 2012 at 12:52 pm
It's being hailed as the biggest soy-bean-related bombshell since Michael Portnoy (you know, the "Soy Bomb" guy) jumped on stage with Bob Dylan at the 1998 Grammys. Today the Missouri Soybean Association PAC officially lent its support to Gov. Jay Nixon's re-election campaign, marking the first time in memory that the organization has endorsed a Democrat.

"Gov. Jay Nixon understands our way of life and when Washington DC tries to over-regulate us, he consistently stands up for what's right for us here in Missouri," said Dale Ludwig, executive director of the 1,200-member association, in a statement. "It's not about political party; it's about having a governor who has been a strong leader for Missouri agriculture and rural job creators."

In casting its weight behind Nixon, the soybean group noted that the governor supported monumental tractor-parade legislation that cleared the way for an event in the town of Vichy that was being held up because farm tractors were officially allowed on state roads only when they were being driven between fields.


What's next for Gov. Nixon? An endorsement from the Missouri Corn Growers Super-PAC? Well, how 'bout it fellers? We're, uh, all ears.