Special Morning-After Edition: How Was Your Election, and Will a Bush Victory Divide the Country Even Further?

Week of November 10, 2004

Nov 10, 2004 at 4:00 am
Mecca McDonald
Staff Physician, St. Alexius Hospital/Forest Park Hospital
"It's pretty scary this morning. And will the country be more divided? I think so. Look at the war: We're so divided on that, and we're scared, I think, not understanding everything, and I really feel we could go after terrorists in a better way, use our special forces rather than killing innocent women and children over there. We have to be more conscious of the value of human life."

Brandon Eklund
Counter Guy, Einstein Bros. Bagels
"I'm greatly disappointed. I don't think Bush should've been elected in 2000 either. I know there are lots of people that feel that Bush is the right president, but there will also be lots of unhappy people over the next four years. My main problem with Bush is the war in Iraq. We're there for the wrong reasons, and all that's coming from it is more troops dying, and that's one of the most horrible things that could happen to America."

Marlene Lewis
"Not well. I wanted Kerry, but I shouldn't be surprised. It just reinforces my feeling about humankind. And I can't believe they were able to take Kerry, who actually fought in a war, and make him look like a bad person. I think we're in for bad things because of the war. Karl Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney: They're the ones pulling the strings, and they believe that might makes right. You can't do that in today's world. It's too dangerous. You need to work with people."

Travis Mossotti
Student, Webster University
"It's sad, but I'm not really surprised. In the 2000 election I voted for Gore, and I did feel dejected over the outcome. This election I was voting emphatically against Bush. I would've voted for a monkey on roller skates -- I was that indifferent to the candidate on the Democratic side. It's out of my hands now, and today I imagine that John Kerry is wearing a longer face than usual."

Andy Balcer
Political Science Major, Saint Louis University
"It's stomach-turning, not only that Kerry lost and Missouri went Republican again, but just that I thought we'd carry something. It is just shocking how Republicans dominated all aspects of this election. Bush won the popular vote by a strong margin, he won the electoral college handily, and he shored up the Senate and the House. Divided? No, I think there was a unity in this year's election."

Maureen "Mo" Christensen
"I'm elated. Mr. Bush has been a war manager, so now maybe he'll have the chance to really be a president on the home front. It shows poor taste for people to complain that he got re-elected. I heard that Bette Midler spouted off: 'The last four years have been absolutely terrible for all of us.' What kind of statement is that? How can she speak on behalf of every citizen? It hasn't been terrible. We're safer; we didn't get bombed again."