Special Valentine's Day Edition: Have You Ever Hooked Up With an Ex, and Was It a Good Thing?

Week of February 11, 2004

Feb 11, 2004 at 4:00 am
Travis Hoffmann
Barista, Soulard Coffee Garden
"Yeah, seems I only hook up with exes -- I don't have enemies or anything like that. I swear, we'll just bump into each other on the street, and it'll be like we just saw each other yesterday or whatever, but it's been years. And then bada-bing, bada-boom, we'll just do it, and it's always good, you know?"

Alicia Thompson
Jewelry Manager, Sam Light Loans
"Yes, I have hooked up with maybe three or four ex-boyfriends over the years, and yes, it was a good thing, because each time I've realized how I've moved on, and I'm glad I ended the situation after all."

Richard Dempsey
"Yes, I have. She was the love of my life. We got back together for one night, and it was looking real good until, in anticipation of the deed, we both got so hammered that we passed out and were unable to do anything except feel sick in the morning. I had high hopes, and they were dashed."

Mike Lamb
Sales Director, GSN Technology
"I did and I ended up marrying her, so it was a very good thing. I chased her out to San Francisco, and she was reluctant at first. I started sending her flowers and that did the trick. After three weeks she agreed to marry me -- she was probably just tired of getting flowers."

Tom Robinson
Waiter, Eau Bistro
"Just last weekend I drove to Massachusetts to see someone. We'd broken up three months ago, and it was a last-hurrah situation. It was awkward at first, then great for a few hours, then awkward again the next morning, and she hasn't called me since. But I'm glad we got together again, I feel that it gave us closure, wrapped up the loose ends. Oh man, if this makes the paper, all my other exes will be calling: 'Hey, I heard it's fair game to get one last hookup with you.'"

Maria Arcobasso
Manager, Strands Salon
"Yes, I have, and it's a horrible experience! Once a putz, always a putz."