St. Louis Area Hit By Nine Tornadoes, National Weather Service Says (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Jun 7, 2013 at 12:22 pm

The National Weather Service has released new information on the destructive storm that hit the St. Louis region last Friday -- and now says that a total of nine tornadoes reached the metro area.

The most destructive EF3 tornado, which moved from St. Charles County to the city of St. Louis, traveled as fast as 150 miles per hour. The worst damage was found in southern St. Charles County, the weather service says, along Haversham Drive where "only interior walls were left standing on three homes." At the Hollywood Casino (formerly Harrah's), the tornado tore one roof off of a building and the Spectrum Brands building also suffered extensive damage in Earth City. Officials say that numerous trees fell on homes in Berkeley and Ferguson -- with tree damage continuing into north St. Louis city.

And high-speed winds caused damage all the way from St. Charles to Madison County, Illinois. Check out our roundup of photos and videos below.

In the most serious tornado, two people suffered minor injuries, the National Weather Service says.

In the eight others, it appears that, miraculously, there were no other injuries.

Here's a map of the tornadoes:

And here are some storm damage photos, all courtesy of National Weather Service, of the EF3 tornado, followed by video footage and more photos from the other tornadoes in the storm.

Continue for more photos and videos of the tornado damage.