St. Louis County Police Shoot, Kill Andrew Bush After He Allegedly Points Assault Rifle At Them

May 13, 2013 at 7:00 am

Early Saturday morning, two police officers arrived at the apartment of Andrew Bush, 29, a south St. Louis county resident who opened the door and pointed an assault rifle at them.

That's the account of county police officials who say that the two cops -- now on administrative leave -- responded to the man's threat (after he chambered a round) and fatally shot him.

Police say that Bush had gotten into a dispute at KT's Bar and Grill on Telegraph Road earlier that night that ended with him stealing a woman's car.

Officers responded to a call of a stolen vehicle at the bar around 1 a.m. A female victim told police that the man, later identified as Bush, had approached her and her boyfriend in the parking lot. The two men allegedly got into some sort of fight that police say was interrupted by onlookers.

Bush, however, then jumped into the woman's car and drove off, officials say.

click to enlarge Block where the car was reportedly stolen in south county. - via Google Maps
Block where the car was reportedly stolen in south county.

A quick investigation led cops to his residence at the Villa Apartments on the 4400 block of El Paulo Court where the stolen vehicle was sitting -- still running.

The officers knocked on Bush's apartment door and identified themselves as police.

It is at this point that Bush allegedly pulled out the assault rifle and threatened them, prompting the two cops to fire at him.

The man was pronounced dead on the scene and the officers were not injured, but they were placed on administrative leave, as is standard practice with an officer-involved shooting.

Here's the full report from county police.

An officer involved shooting occurred on Saturday, May 11, 2013 after a subject met two St. Louis County Police Department Officers at his apartment door with an assault rifle. The subject chambered a round into the rifle and quickly pointed it at the officers both of whom addressed the threat by shooting the subject. The subject was identified as:

Andrew P. Bush w/m DOB 09/23/1983 4400 block of El Paulo Ct. St. Louis MO 63129

Officers from the St. Louis County Police Department South County Precinct responded shortly after 1 A.M. to 4500 Telegraph (KT's Bar and Grill) for a stolen vehicle just occurred. The female victim reported that the subject approached she and her boyfriend in the parking lot. The subject and boyfriend began to fight, which was quickly interrupted by onlookers, but the subject jumped into the car of the female and drove away. A quick investigation led officers to the address of the subject, located at 4400 block of El Paulo Ct (Villa Apartments), where the stolen vehicle was observed in front of his address still running. Two officers knocked on the suspect's door identifying themselves as police officers at which time the subject opened the door and threatened the officers with the assault rifle. The officers fired rounds from their duty weapons at the subject ending the threat.

The subject was pronounced dead at the scene. The officers were not injured, but were placed on administrative leave until a determination is made from the investigation of the incident. Any further information will be released at a later date if necessary.

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