St. Louis: Great Place For Sports Figures to Launch Disastrous Affairs

Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
Yes, pollsters, feel free to defecate on St. Louis all you want. But here's one ranking where we certainly score high marks: cities where passing sports figures can get involved in bizarro relationships with detestable wenches.

Consider baseball player Ronnie Belliard. The current Los Angeles Dodger was with St. Louis for three (maybe four) months back in '06 -- enough time for him to get caught up with a psycho who later tried to extort the ballplayer on false claims that he impregnated her.

Now its ESPN baseball analyst (and former Mets general manager) Steve Phillips. Phillips was in St. Louis this summer when he first began an affair with a 22-year-old ESPN production assistant named Brooke Hundley.

We'll let Hundley tell you the details of their St. Louis tryst via an excerpt of the "Fatal Attraction" letter she recently left Phillips' wife. We'll call it, "Strike One."

You see I'm the woman he's been seeing for awhile now, and I'm not just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots, I'm actually a close friend who works with him on a frequent basis. I care about him a a lot and I've been asking him to come clean to you about everything, from when we first slept together in St. Louis in his hotel suite (where he assured me I wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant because of his vasectomy) to the fact that we have continued to talk, see each other and schedule meet ups even since you found out.
Strike Two: Today ESPN put Phillips on an "extended leave of absence."

Strike Three: Phillips wife has now filed for divorce.

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