St. Louis in Winter White: The 8 Best Dick Jokes From Daily RFT Commenters This Week

Dec 6, 2013 at 6:00 am
Do you see what we see? - Accuweather
Do you see what we see?

The first big winter storm of the season is upon us. Warning: Call your doctor for any storm lasting more than four hours.

Daily RFT prides itself on probing penile puns, but our readers unleashed a stream of dick jokes that made us feel like Christmas morning came early.

Here are our eight favorite comments on our story, "Hilariously Shaped Winter Storm Could Penetrate Midwest, Make Things Slippery."

We love naughty weather maps. - via
We love naughty weather maps.

"Looks like it could be the beginning of a long, hard winter if it has the stamina to keep it up for a while." - Bill Streeter

"It'll only be four inches, but they'll claim it was eight." - James West

"Arkansas and Missouri will be balls deep, but New York state will really be getting the big load." - Daniel Puricelli

"This looks to be a bit premature." - Martienne Cotter

"Thank God we're on top of this thing, because the last thing central Illinois needs is another big mess." - H.M. Martin

"I'd hate to be in upstate New York when this storm decides to 'finish.'" - Tom Balisteri

Even a six-year-old got in on the fun, although her view of the naughty weather map is hilariously innocent.

"It looks like a sock on a lily pad." - Shelah McClymont's 6-year-old daughter

And this last one isn't a joke, per say, but we admire the brevity. It's quality, not quantity, after all -- amiright, ladies?

"Penis." - Cindy Horton

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