VIDEO: St. Louis Legends Go Sledding Down Art Hill on Dumpster Lids

Feb 3, 2022 at 4:01 pm
UPDATE: Boozy Sledder Loses His Job - Was Viral Video To Blame?

David Carson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch captured the most STL video ever today on Art Hill in Forest Park and posted it to Twitter for all of St. Louis to enjoy.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer clearly knows a good thing when he sees it, and today he saw the best scene in all of snowy St. Louis: Two dudes drinking beer and sledding down Art Hill on dumpster lids.

In this short clip, an unnamed hero in an orange hat details his day in a series of legendary quotes.

“Got the week off work thanks to the snow. And while I’m off I’m gonna make the most fun out of it. So at the ripe age of 45 we’re rockin’ n rollin’.”

Then he tells us about his sledding adventure.

“I gotta tell ya, you know, I’m a little old. I figure I’m gonna do it big boy style and get a dumpster lid.”

His brain. It's magic.

“I gave it a shower yesterday, got it warmed up. And rest assured, I’m going to deliver it back to the correct dumpster when I’m done.”

What was he drinking in that can?

“Busch beer.”

Mr. Orange Hat says that Busch Beer and Budweiser products are what he drinks with his comrades in IBEW Local 1. (That’s an electrical workers’ union.) But who is that smiling guy behind him?

“This guy’s a scab. He does HVAC. (He's) Non-union, but he’s still my buddy. Kevin.”

We can all learn so much from this friendship and this experience. Godspeed, Mr. Orange Hat and Kevin. May the snow always be fluffy and may your cans of Busch always be plentiful.

UPDATE: Boozy Sledder Loses His Job - Was Viral Video To Blame?
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