St. Louis Man Steals a Woman's Puppies at Gunpoint, Is a Dick

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Seriously, what kind of complete asshole steals puppies at gunpoint from a woman with a cane? - FLICKR/GEOFFREY FAIRCHILD
Seriously, what kind of complete asshole steals puppies at gunpoint from a woman with a cane?
A St. Louis man is accused of stealing some puppies from a woman at gunpoint this week, prompting onlookers and RFT reporters alike to hypothesize that that dude is a real fucking dick.

The incident happened on Tuesday around 4:30 p.m. in the 5100 block of Terry Avenue in in the Kingsway West neighborhood of north city, according to an incident report from police. Eleanor Wallace, who is 59 and uses a cane, was walking the three small dogs, identified as two-month-old Alapaha Blue Blood bulldog puppies, in front of her home when she was approached by a man who asked to see them.

"Lemme see them puppies," Wallace tells the Post-Dispatch the man said to her.

When Wallace allowed the man to see the pups, the man reportedly opened up his jacket to reveal a gun, because life is a nightmare and human beings are garbage. He then ordered her to hand the puppies over. Wallace immediately complied.

"I'm not gonna argue with that," she tells the Post-Dispatch. Wallace says she could hear the dogs howling as the man took them to a nearby car and sped away.

Wallace describes the asshole who took her dogs as 5'6", about 165 pounds, with a medium build and a medium brown complexion. He was wearing a green army jacket and red sweatpants at the time of the robbery, according to the police report.

She says the gun he was carrying was a semi-automatic, and that it was long. The car he sped away in is described as a dark gray sedan.

Wallace had advertised the puppies for sale online for between $200 and $250, according to the Post-Dispatch, but apparently the breed can sell for up to $1,000, according to the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog Association. But Wallace says she doesn't think the absolute dickhead who stole them knew they were up for sale.

"I think he just saw me out walking yesterday," she says.

Police say they are still investigating the case, have made no arrests, and that the dogs remain missing. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the department at 1-866-371-TIPS.
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