St. Louis Police Department Choir -- Like the Village People But With All Cops

For the first time in its 202 year history, the St. Louis Police Department has itself an official choir. And now that choir is ready for its debut.

On September 11 the department choir plays a free outdoor concert at Kiener Plaza titled, Remembering Our Heroes: A Musical Tribute. The show gets under way at 6 p.m. and will also include the St. Louis County Police Department's bag pipers!

According to the police department, just a few other police organizations in the U.S. have their own choirs. (To be clear, the St. Louis police had a band in the 1920s and a quartet in the 1900s, but never a choir). The choir consists of 19 officers and civilian police employees in addition to five regular citizens.

Sadly, a police spokesman confirms to Daily RFT that the "civilian" members do NOT include a cowboy, an Indian, a construction worker, a soldier or a leather-clad biker. Still, we note that Kiener Plaza is just down the street from the downtown YMCA.

Come on, everyone now...

Village People - YMCA (version originale)
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