St Louis to MLB: Stop Putting Cardinals Games on Apple TV

The announcers are trash, and no one wants to create an account on yet another streaming service

Sep 23, 2022 at 1:44 pm
click to enlarge If you can't figure out how to log on to Apple TV, you may miss a historic home run from Pujols tonight. - Ben Munson/St. Louis Cardinals
Ben Munson/St. Louis Cardinals
If you can't figure out how to log on to Apple TV, you may miss a historic home run from Pujols tonight.

There's no love lost between Cardinals fans and Major League Baseball today as fans try to figure out how to stream tonight's Cardinals game on Apple TV.

Tonight, the Cardinals will play the Dodgers in Los Angeles, and the game will not be on local carrier Bally Sports Midwest. Instead, those who want to watch will have to create (or find) their Apple IDs to watch the game on Apple TV+. You can visit to create an account.

There is no other way to watch the game (except in person), but you can listen to it on KMOX 1120.

This is not the first time that the MLB has exclusively broadcast Cardinals games through Apple's Friday Night Baseball platform, though the other games were not as important as tonight's. Not only is Albert Pujols only two home runs away from hitting a record 700 career homers, but also the Dodgers and Cardinals are both first-place teams.

Many fans also don't realize that streaming the game on Apple TV is free. Some do realize that but are still annoyed at having to use yet another platform to watch the games. Plus, many think the callers on Apple TV aren't as good as Bally Sports Midwest.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch even shared fan grievances with the Cardinals organization. "We spoke with MLB about the local concerns if Albert was on the verge of 700 home runs with no BSM coverage," Dan Farrell, Cardinals senior vice president for sales and marketing, told the Post. "Unfortunately the MLB-Apple contract is very tight with no flexibility related to local telecaster accommodations for milestone events."

New Yorkers aren't happy either, as the Yankees-Red Sox game tonight will also exclusively be on Apple TV, and Yankees player Aaron Judge is just one home run away from hitting the American League record of 61.

So if you're grousing about MLB's Apple partnership, you're not alone. Here are some of the best takes on Twitter.