St. Louis Voters Can Choose Their Polling Location in November

The city will offer 12 city-wide vote centers and 72 neighborhood polling places

Sep 26, 2022 at 4:13 pm
There's lots at stake in this November's election. Make sure your vote is heard. - DANNY WICENTOWSKI
There's lots at stake in this November's election. Make sure your vote is heard.

Voting in St. Louis just got a bit more convenient. The city’s election board on Monday announced more than 70 polling locations in addition to city-wide vote centers for the November general election.

The St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners received some flak after it directed voters to 15 “vote centers” during the primary for aldermanic president earlier this month, instead of the usual 70+ neighborhood polling locations.

Now, neighborhood polling locations are back — and it appears most of the city-wide vote centers are here to stay, too.

Seventy-two neighborhood polling centers will be spread throughout the city, according to Ben Borgmeyer, the democratic director for the Board of Election Commissioners. Residents can also cast their ballots at any of the 12 designated city-wide vote centers, regardless of what precinct they reside in.

Decennial redistricting changed some neighborhood polling places in August, so if you didn’t vote in the August primary, check your polling location because it may have changed since the last major election.

Can’t make the election on Nov. 8? Starting Oct. 25, voters can now cast no-excuse absentee ballots at any of the election board’s designated no-excuse absentee polling places. See polling locations and vote center addresses on St. Louis city’s website.

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