St. Louis Weather Forecast Will Make Your Balls Shrink

It might be hot today, but some serious cold is on the way

Nov 9, 2022 at 1:52 pm

We set record high temperatures in St. Louis today, but that hasn’t stopped winter weather from creeping up behind us.

The National Weather Service of St. Louis says that as of 12:15 p.m. today, we hit 80 degrees at Lambert International Airport, beating the previous record of 78 degrees set on this day in 2020. And it might not even end at 80 — the temperature might go even higher yet today.

But coming up? Well, it’s time to pack up your swimsuit and dig out your winter boots, because winter is coming hard and fast.

The forecast shows that local temperatures will take a sharp dip on Friday and that lows will stay at or below freezing for the foreseeable future. The next week, even the high temperatures will be only about 40 degrees.

The National Weather Service tweeted something we agree with wholeheartedly today:

"We have one word for these temperatures: rude."

So with frigid days ahead, this unseasonably warm day would be a good one to unhook your outdoor water hoses and bring inside any remaining plants. It looks like play-winter is over and Real Winter is on the way, and she is not messing around.

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