St. Louis Woman Gets Back Lost Cash In New York City After Social Media Push (UPDATE)

Jun 13, 2013 at 10:44 am

Update: A story with a happy ending, y'all!

A Lake St. Louis woman who lost nearly $1,000 in New York City this week reunited with her cash envelope yesterday, thanks to a Good Samaritan and a social-media specialist for Vantage Credit Union who spent much of the day yesterday trying to find the owner of the missing money. Our original coverage is below.

"We really appreciate the community coming together to help," Jenn Cloud, a specialist with the local credit union, tells Daily RFT this morning.

How'd the company find her?

As we publicized yesterday, Cloud got a message on the company's Facebook page from a man in New York City who found a "large amount of cash" inside a Vantage Credit Union envelope left at a restaurant.

Since the credit union is relatively small and local to St. Louis, Cloud thought it shouldn't be too hard to find the owner of the money. And the Good Samaritan, a Texas man named Jonathon Glueck who is in New York City this week for a training session, said he wanted to make sure the money got back into the right hands.

Cloud decided to launch a social-media push -- though, as it turns out, it was actually a good old-fashioned phone call that seems to have done the trick.

Cloud tells us that she called the restaurant where the man found the money and from there, was able to connect to Jennie Guenzler, a Lake St. Louis resident in New York City for the week.

"Turns out...they were staying at hotels that were two blocks apart," Cloud says. "It was no big deal."

Cloud adds, "She said they had to just hug it out.... They hugged, and she gave him a reward from the cash."

"He insisted he didn't want to take it, but she said, 'I don't care. This is awesome. We really want you to have this gift,'" Cloud says.

Below is our original coverage from yesterday.

Original post, Wednesday, June 12, 12:18 p.m.: "Vantage Credit Union Looking For St. Louisan Who Lost "Large Amount Of Cash" In NYC"

A St. Louis member of Vantage Credit Union apparently left a large amount of cash in a New York City restaurant -- and the stranger who found it wants to give it back.

Was it you?!

"We would love to get it resolved quickly," Jenn Cloud, social-media specialist for Vantage Credit Union, a financial institution that serves the metro area, tells Daily RFT. "It's such a fun, unique opportunity."

Cloud is trying to spread the word after she received an unusual message on the company's Facebook page last night from an individual in New York.

The message said:

I found a large amount of cash in one of your credit union envelopes in Hurley's restaurant in New York, NY - near Times Square. If there is any way to reach out to whomever left it - I will be in the city until Saturday and want to give it back to them.

"The fact that someone had an envelope and took it all the way to New York with them is pretty unique," Cloud tells us. "If we can get the word out enough -- St. Louis is big, but St. Louis is also small. Our connectivity can really help in situations like this."

click to enlarge Vantage Credit Union. - via Facebook
via Facebook
Vantage Credit Union.

Being a member of a smaller-size credit union, she notes, "could really help in this situation."

Vantage Credit Union, which has fourteen branches throughout the St. Louis area, is the fourth largest credit union locally with about 100,000 members.

"We have a big enough network that I feel we can really leverage this and get to the bottom of this," she says.

It's unclear exactly how much cash the man in New York found.

Cloud posted this on the company's page today:

Were any of our members in New York, NY very recently that may have misplaced a VCU deposit envelope with some personal contents? This envelope has been reported by a kind person and if we are able to find the member to whom it may belong we would love to get it restored to them!

If it's your cash, she says you can message the comapny on Facebook or call 314-264-5162.

Do you know a St. Louisan who is in New York City now? Spread the word, readers!

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