St. Patrick's Day Massacre: The Best Blues Hockey Fight of All-Time?

Mar 17, 2010 at 1:33 pm
Nineteen years ago today, the St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks beat the living crap out of each other. They also played a hockey game.

The Hawks won 6-4 but the outcome was overshadowed by melees in the first and second period resulted in 278 penalty minutes, including 24 minor, 12 major and 17 misconduct penalties.

Behold (and happy St. Paddy's Day):

Back story on the brawl after the jump...

Via Old Time Hockey:
Adam Oates on the 2nd period brawl - "It was weird. I was pretty scared, I'll tell you that. Let me rephrase that. Terrified. Grimson, Manson and Peluso and they had 10 bodies on the ice, too."

This game is known in Chicago and St. Louis as the "St. Patrick's Day Massacre." This was a classic Norris Division battle amongst two teams fighting for the President's Trophy. It was expected to be an intense game, but it quickly turned into a very chippy affair early. A line brawl, started when Featherstone took exception to Jeremy Roenick's hard hit on Snepsts.

Featherstone shoved Roenick, Keith Brown shoved Featherstone, and the fight was on.

With Featherstone and Brown fighting, another scuffle broke out when Roenick shoved Chase, called up from Peoria by the Blues in case something like this happened. Goulet tackled Chase, then Kimble, acquired by the Blues to beef up the lineup, came into the fray, apparently leaving the bench to do so.

Kimble yanked Roenick off the pile, and pummeled Roenick while Rod Brind'Amour held onto Roenick. Kimble broke Roenick's tooth and cut Roenick's lip.

''They had something against me and they wanted me to feel the pain,'' Roenick said. ''They did.''