Stan Kroenke Loses a Chunk of The Money He Married Into

The Los Angeles Rams will have to pay back the NFL $571 million in settlement money

Oct 20, 2022 at 6:20 am
Stan Kroenke in aviators.
Peter Powell/EPA/Newscom
Stan Kroenke manages to slither out of repaying the league $219 million.

Stan Kroenke is going to have cut a check for $571 million.

That's his share of the $790 million settlement that St. Louis city and county as well as the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority reached last November with the Rams owner and the NFL over the shenanigans surrounding the team's move to Los Angeles in 2016.

The initial lawsuit accused the NFL and Kroenke of violating the NFL's own rules around relocation. When legal proceedings grew increasingly dicey for the league and owner — the case was being tried in Missouri, what did they expect? — the three quarters of a billion dollar settlement was reached.

The NFL ponied up the dough, but there has been tension between the league and Kroenke as he explored what sort of options he had in regards to not paying them back.

It turns out he had a legal leg to stand on.

For complicated reasons that Kroenke's lawyers no doubt understood very well, the other 31 NFL owners did not protect themselves from litigation stemming from the Ram's relocation as well as they had thought.

According to CBS, the other team owners "were somewhat surprised earlier this year when they found out they would be contributing to the bill."

ESPN broke the news Tuesday that Kroenke and the other owners had reached a deal in which he would shoulder $571 million of the settlement with the other 31 owners each kicking in around $7 million each to make up the difference.

It doesn’t seem fair that the owner of the long-suffering Detroit Lions or the guy who owns the Cleveland Browns, a team always finding innovative ways to lose, should have to pay anything at all for Stan’s misdeeds.

But the real loser in all this is Sam Walton, who must be spinning in his grave. He didn't run all those mom and pop stores out of businesses just so his knucklehead nephew-in-law could piss away half a billion dollars moving his football team out west.

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