Stan Musial Wins Medal of Freedom; Cardinals' "Grass Roots" Campaign Pays Off

Nov 18, 2010 at 7:22 am
The Cardinals' "grass roots" campaign that we questioned earlier this year, has paid off.

Team legend Stan Musial has been tapped for a Presidential Medal of Freedom. The White House called "The Man" yesterday to deliver the news. (See a list of all 15 nominees for the award, here.) Congratulations to Musial, he's certainly a worth candidate for the nation's highest civilian honor.

Since the 89-year-old (he'll be 90 on Sunday) broke into major-league baseball nearly 70 years ago, he's been a constant ambassador for the sport, St. Louis and physical fitness. Here a younger Musial (in his 40s) appearing on the 1960s game show, "What's My Line."