Steven Jackson to whip youngsters into (pear) shape?

After getting schooled, yet again, on Sunday, the St. Louis Rams are ready to return the favor Tuesday morning at Barrington Elementary.

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  St. Louis Rams' running back Steven Jackson will start the day by picking up Barrington fifth-grader Andrew Linzie from his house and take him to class in a limo (maybe the same one he used to get to Madarin on Thanksgiving Eve.)

Jackson is then scheduled to visit the principal's office and speak to students about the importance of good health. As part of the NFL's "PLAY 60" campaign, Jackson will lead kids in fitness activities and promote getting 60 minutes of exercise a day.

Fitness, eh? It seems like opportune timing for the running back on the heels of the 16-12 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Coach Jim Haslett said Jackson was "gassed, and his leg started to bother him" when he was replaced before the end of the fourth quarter. Jackson denies the charge.

Overall, Jackson finished with less than 100 yards on 21 carries and no touchdowns. Fit or not, he can't be happy with that. When the press release for "PLAY 60" was sent out last week, Jackson's visit left the Riverfront Times buzzing. The buzz wasn't just alcohol holiday-related.

A few riffs:

A prediction:
"Whatever. Jackson will tweak his hamstring at lunch and miss fifth through ninth period."

From the Headlines:
"Jackson only agreed to accompany fifth-grader Andrew Linzie after a prolonged hold-out in which he demanded a guaranteed juice box and PB&J sack lunch and first pick during the recess kick ball match."

"Fifth-grader is reported to be eagerly anticipating the opportunity to strip the ball from Jackson's hands and run it back to the house for six."

A New Slogan?
"Take a player to the first half of school."

We'd Rather See:
"I'm more interested in the Byron Crawford Take a Playa-Hata to School Day ;)"

"Umm, don't the Rams get taken to school every week?"

Brain Bulger:
"Let's not be too hard on Jackson. Bulger was supposed to visit the school, but suffered a concussion while tying his shoes."

- Matt Kasper

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