Strassenfest Moves to Chesterfield. Ouch!

Jan 20, 2009 at 2:37 pm
Last year was a difficult one for outdoor festivals in the St. Louis area. At least three prominent events -- the St. Louis County Fair and Air Show, St. Louis Jazz & Heritage Festival and Strassenfest -- pulled the plug last year or significantly scaled back their offerings.

Now comes news today that the German heritage festival Strassenfest is returning in 2009 but far from downtown St. Louis where it's been held since the mid-1990s. This year the festival will be in Chesterfield, which unlike St. Louis ain't exactly known for its German settlers and rich beer-making history passed down from ancestors back in Deutschland. 

No, it's moving to Chesterfield because, according to Strassenfest board president Lou Mueller, that's where the people are.

"We looked at the demographics of it," Mueller tells the Post-Dispatch. "People just weren't coming downtown. We feel we're closer to a mass of people that don't have to come as far."

Ouch. Perhaps Mr. Mueller needs to tell that to his "freunds" down at the St. Louis German Cultural Society. Last time I checked they were still located on Jefferson Avenue -- in the city.