Street Lit: The Keisha Ervin Excerpts, #2

Yesterday we gave you a sampling of street lit from Keisha Ervin's first novel, Me & My Boyfriend.

Today you get a hit of her second book, Chyna Black. As you can read in this week's cover story, "Lit Up," Ervin hit pay-dirt with this little number about a high-school dropout who gets knocked up, and then caught up in a whole lot o' baby-mama drama.

Chyna's is pretty much Ervin's life story. "I always tell people it's 75 percent true, 25 percent made-up," says the St. Louis writer.

For the excerpt, take the jump...

In this short selection, a dude named LP from Chyna's high school takes her V-card:
At the time, Peaches was his gal but I was his woman because I had LP hook, line and sinker, or so I thought I did. LP had me totally into him, he constantly stayed on my mind and I knew that he would be my first. I knew that after we had sex that would seal the deal and he would be my man. I didn't let LP know that I was a virgin because I didn't want to seem like I was inexperienced in the sex department.

One day while he was over my house after school, I made the conscious decision to give him some. As we laid on my bed, I kissed him intensely. I could have kissed him forever but LP had his mind on other things. I thought that we would have some foreplay, but shit, LP skipped straight to penetration. He must have thought it would be easy to slide up in me, but my shit was so tight it made him ask the question I dreaded.

"Are you a virgin?" he questioned.

"Nah, I just haven't done it in awhile," I replied back.

But for real, I could barely breathe because the shit was hurting me so bad. For it to be my first time, I would have to hook up with an old big dick ass nigga, I thought. I could feel his dick all the way in my stomach. When we got done my legs were shaking and shit. I didn't know what was happening to me but I felt like a woman after the pain had subsided.

After having sex with LP that's all him and I did. I had unknowingly become his sex partner and his chick on the side. I hadn't even turned sixteen yet but LP had me open...
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