Street Lit: The Keisha Ervin Excerpts, #4

One of the main things haters of street lit like to harp on is the super-graphic sex scenes. (Because tweens and teens devour this genre.) Keisha Ervin's books contain scads of sex scenes. In my current cover story, "Lit Up," she explains: "It's actually getting harder for me to write [them]. I've done so many, it's gotten to the point where I now save them for the end."

Ervin's novel Torn is a love story about St. Louisans Mo and Quan, who've been together for ten years but are obviously painfully unhappy. In this scene Mo gets it on with a new love interest named Boss. Mo shows up to meet him in a club wearing nothing but a trench coat and patent-leather pumps. They steal away to a deserted pool room to do the naughty-naughty -- which goes on for, oh, five pages. Don't worry, I'm not going to give you everything.


"Have a seat," she instructed.

Intrigued by her request, Boss quickly obliged and did as he was asked. Mo's smooth, satin-like cinnamon-colored body moved like a lioness on a hunt as she slowly strutted toward him. With a cat-like look in her eyes, she bit down into her bottom lip and made her way over to her prey...

Mo felt like a bad girl as she ran her hand through her straight hair and across her face. With her index finger in between her teeth, she teasingly twirled it inside her mouth. Boss sipped on her drink and watched in sheer agony. The sight before him was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. He loved seeing Mo fondle and caress her body, but the show she was putting on only made his dick harder by the second.

Cupping her breasts, Mo pinched and pulled her nipples. Instantly they sprouted like rosebuds. High in a daze, Boss watched as she did a personal frisk of her own body parts. Burning with desire, his eyes zoomed in on her berry-colored nipples.

They were hard, ripe and dying to be licked. Mo was being a very naughty girl and Boss wanted nothing more than to be the one to teach her a lesson. He couldn't wait to take all of his problems and frustrations out on her....

Ready to put his thing down, he finished off the rest of his drink, grabbed Mo by the butt and pulled her down onto his lap. She looked so guilty. He couldn't wait to sentence her to a lifetime of sexual pleasure. Mo's pussy was directly in union with the crotch of his pants. She could feel his dick poking her. It was so hard and big.

"Take him out," he demanded.

Mo felt like a naughty sex slave as she stood up, unzipped his jeans and pulled out his dick. Her big brown eyes lit up at the sight of it. In a zombie-like daze, her mouth became watery. Boss had the prettiest dick she had ever seen. It was hard, caramel and fat. The tip looked like a freshly picked mushroom and long veins stretched throughout the side.


Unlike Quan, Boss didn't have to ask Mo to suck it. She wanted to. She positioned her mouth before his dangling dick and took him into her wanting mouth. The first taste was sinful. With each lick he grew bigger and bigger. Mo taunted him by slurping on the head of his dick while gazing up into his fiery eyes.

"That's it, baby. Just like that," Boss groaned, running his fingers through her hair. The heat and spit from Mo's mouth caused his dick to throb with each slurp.

Fully aroused, she continued to snake her head up and down his engorged penis. Grasping his dick, she hungrily alternated between sucking slow and fast until Boss was about to explode. Excited by her own behavior, Mo trailed her tongue down his dick and massaged his balls with her tongue.

With a handful of her hair, Boss yanked Mo's head back and sloppily kissed her lips. The music from downstairs vibrated the entire room. Excited, Boss quickly took off his clothes and shoes. Naked, he took his penis and ran it up and down the center of Mo's chest. Pushing her full breasts together, Mo looked up into his eyes and watched as he enjoyed titty fucking her. She could feel his cum soak into her skin....

And on it goes!

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