Stuffed Up: Readers consider a life without Sudafed and ponder St. Louis' dismal rankings in national polls

Stuffed Up: Readers consider a life without Sudafed and ponder St. Louis' dismal rankings in national polls

Swanson never got the help she needed: Even more sad is the fact that the police would rather go through the trouble of arresting a single person 63 times rather than get them the help they clearly need ["Woman With 63 Drunk in Public Arrests in Five Years Dies in Jail," Keegan Hamilton]. How much time and effort (and taxpayer dollars) did they spend booking a nonviolent criminal instead of getting Sunny Swanson in the hands of someone who could truly help? Did the cops really think that if they kept arresting her she'd learn her lesson?This woman clearly had a problem, and continual arrests were not going to solve it.
Police, WTF, via the Internet

City has great potential: This is such a tired subject, and it's really old that St. Louis gets an unfair rap ["Why is St. Louis Never Ranked as a Progressive City? Is It Because We're Too Black?" Chad Garrison]. St. Louis is no more or less progressive or backwards than other cities in its class: Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. The city of St. Louis voted for Obama by a larger percentage than Brooklyn, New York, for God's sake. Needless to say, Brooklyn is a more minority-driven city, so don't pin it on just "the black vote." Yes, we need to be more progressive and visionary, but I don't think we need to be Portland, Los Angeles or Seattle in order to be a cool city. There is a lot of good shit happening here, and if you have the creativity and vision to be part of it, then have at it. Until then, you can just whine and bitch about how St. Louis isn't [insert "cool" city here] and just continue being part of the problem. Get over yourselves, you pretentious fucks. St. Louis is a work in progress and full of potential. If you need your excitement spoon-fed to you instead of helping to create it, I'm glad this isn't the city for you.
STLblue, via the Internet

Real reason we didn't make "progressive" cut: St. Louis isn't left off the lists of "progressive" cities because we're too black. St. Louis is left off of the list of progressive cities because we're a Rust Belt backwater whose last remaining major employers are mostly third-world-style call centers and because nearly all St. Louisans are all solidly under the thumb of the religious right.
J. Brad Hicks, via the Internet

Don't sugarcoat it: It is St. Louis politics that makes the city backwards — not the African American population. St. Louis, in my opinion, is not "progressive" because it is the most racist, backwards and religious place I have ever lived. Not everyone is racist — just a much higher percentage of people feel the need to be so overt about it. We do have to remember that Missouri fought hard to be a slave state, and that's not something that just goes away easily. It's backwards in that voters actually voted against MetroLink, which effectively shut down a huge portion of its coverage. Couple that with the fact that the core industries of St. Louis are old school-style manufacturing (and are failing) and that the city is doing little or nothing about retooling for the future. They are willing to let the car manufacturing plants sit and rot instead of trying to retool them for green-powered manufacturing and utilizing the manufacturing workforce that is currently out of work.
Used to Live in St. Louis, via the Internet

And call me in the morning: I actually just took two Sudafeds ["Why Not Require Prescriptions for Pseudoephedrine?" Chad Garrison]. If I needed a prescription, I would have just had to tough it out instead of being able to run across the street from my office to Schnucks. I don't have insurance; I can't afford to pay $70 for a doctor visit, plus whatever the prescription costs, just for Sudafed. The doctors' offices and ERs are going to be overwhelmed enough this season, so let the doctors' attention go to those who need more than Sudafed.
Nick, via the Internet

Fears a nanny state: Pseudoephedrine is effective and safe. It's undisputed that it is abused, but we cannot become a nanny state, making everything illegal and/or requiring permission.
Anonymous, via the Internet

Chad fires back: We don't become a nanny state because we require a prescription for one single drug that happens to be the main ingredient for an illegal narcotic. Also, it's not like pseudoephedrine is a drug that we cannot live without. People dealt with colds and nasal decongestion for centuries without the aid of the drug. I'm sure we'll get along fine without it. And, if you really need it, go to the doctor and get a prescription for it.
Chad Garrison, via the Internet

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